New stalking twitter campaign to follow.

speedySome of us are exposed to relentless stalking. The stalking involves third parties, or drive bys that resemble Speedy Gonzalez in speed. The ariba, ariba mouse does not have anything on the drive by stalker who hoofs it by a residence at astronomical speed.   The only problem is of course that the stalker is noticeable, as the stalker stalks on a street that is not  part of the common traffic in a small town; is viewable from a residence and it does not help if someone stalks in a fairly noticeable vehicle.

To facilitate the obsessive desire to stalk a person, a twitter campaign will be set up, printed on T-shirts and cars, with tweets directed at the stalker. The campaign will read ” If you see me call my ex”, with no explanation provided. That should satisfy the obsessive desire to stalk and harass another person, since a court of law refuses to issue an order prohibiting said stalking.

There is of course no rhyme and reason for said stalking except of course the illicit thrill that someone is getting away with something they should not be doing, nose twitching a glee. The point of course is to instill fear and intimidate. Perhaps some of the judicial officers who merely excuse these actions as “frustration” should be exposed to harassing stalking on a daily basis.


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