As parents we are supposed to adapt and conform to the language that the court invents.  The point of course is to degrade parents and create a separate class of parents who fall into that category. One such term is visitation. The trial courts have uniformly adopted such language to describe the time share that parents have with their children and it is used on court documents ad nauseum, i.e. custody and visitation.

Visitation actually refers to a parent, who was  instrumental in creating said child, to being reduced to a visitor in a child’s life. The malicious parent of course will use that term with gusto to denigrate the other parent and lord it over their head, as they are simply not capable of acting like a normal human being. Children are brainwashed into believing that they are merely a visitor in a parent’s life on the same level as neighbors, friends and acquaintances; as they according to the belief of the court and the other malicious parent don’t have equal rights to a parent.

So let’s think about it for a minute. A parent that has the constitutional right to love, care and nature their own child, (the constitution does protect that right), is reduced to a visitor as a court and a malicious parent deem that it is appropriate. Really? Since when have parents become so apathetic that they allow a court to dictate what they are in a child’s life?


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