Flirting with dementia while sitting on the bench

Judicial Council Watcher

“Do you have anything to add?”

We’re going a bit off the reservation today because we think it is important that Courthouse News gets a new judge to hear their case. As has been widely reported, the ninth circuit reversed a decision to dismiss a lawsuit against Michael Planet of the Ventura County Courts for his decision to keep new litigation under wraps for over a month so that his people have the ability to pre-process cases. Ventura uses one of the least effective and efficient case management systems in the country, the California Case Management System. Yes, that half billion dollar albatross developed by the Administrative Office of the Courts whose overseers, the litigation management committee (link) is currently shelling out some major trial court cash to defend Michael Planet’s decision to abridge the freedom of the press.

The reasons we suggest a new judge to hear this case…

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One comment on “Flirting with dementia while sitting on the bench

  1. For the sake of maintaining at least the appearance of judicial impartiality, which naturally does not exist, it would be prudent to remove those judges who stick like Velcro to the bench, especially certain justices in the Riverside Appellate Court, whose Kafkaesque subjective opinions have legal experts recoil in horror and disbelief.

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