The American parent who is a flight risk.

If we were to believe the Riverside Superior court judiciary, that fact is not possible. However, a “parent” has repeatedly absconded with the children, has taken the children out of state without letting the other parent know where they are and has taken an enormous delight in willy nilly leaving the area without providing any location or contact information. Said parent has also repeatedly refused to allow the children to be with the other parent during that parent’s custodial time.  That case is a family law case in the infamous Riverside Superior Court which this court is desperate to cover up at all costs as it contains every element of court corruption known to man.

The Riverside Superior Court Presiding Judge and the responsible judge refuse to address the constant flight risk of said parent as that parent is an American citizen. Instructions are issued that no proceeding can address the custody and visitation of children in ANY capacity. After all an American citizen cannot disappear and leave the state with the children, an American citizen who has the only active passport cannot leave the country and enter Mexico for example. That parent and his co-spriring “family  members” take an active delight in flaunting the fact that the court will not act against them as they are American citizens and repeatedly disappear  with the children without providing location or means of locating said children. So imagine a scenario where you as a mother or father do not know where your children are or where the children have been taken out of State.  That exact scenario has repeatedly occurred in violation of a dissolution summons that was in place prohibiting that children leave the state,  and the court fails to act as that American citizen is protected no matter what is done.

This scenario can only occur as the other parent is a legal immigrant and the court has deemed the immigrant to be the target parent to cover up for the court’s rampant malfeasance, insane rulings and failure to protect against abuse and where the aberrant torture of an immigrant is acceptable as after all an immigrant is merely an “alien”. “They” have no rights to children that are a part of them and they certainly have no right to protect themselves from abuse or protect their children from abduction.

From a legal stand point said immigrant has never left the state with the children, has never withheld children from the other parent and has never left the country with the children or even made any travel plans with said children.  But those simple FACTS do not matter to a judiciary who has deemed the immigrant to be an alien and allow an American citizen to make a mockery of a court of law merely to protect themselves from their own incompetence. Pursuant to California law abduction is defined as take, entice away, keep, withhold, or conceal”, according to CA family code 6240  (c), everything that this American Citizen has done numerous times and repeats  willfully merely to taunt the other immigrant parent and the court; as after all it has been demonstrated that this parent is  above the law and protected at all costs, no matter what the repercussions are.


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