2014 Council of CA Criminal Jury Instructions Released

The Judicial Council of California Advisory Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions has released the newly revised Council of California Criminal Jury instructions.

The 2014 Edition of CALCRIM includes all of the new and revised Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions approved by the Judicial Council of California at its meeting of February 20, 2014. The instructions can be accessed here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/217888607/calcrim-juryins-pdf or from the Judicial Council web site: http://www.courts.ca.gov/partners/documents/calcrim_juryins.pdf

The revised instructions include:

CALCRIM No. 121. Duty to Abide by Translation Provided in Court (revised)
Post-Trial: Introductory
CALCRIM No. 207. Proof Need Not Show Actual Date (revised)
CALCRIM No. 301. Single Witness’s Testimony (revised)
CALCRIM No. 306. Untimely Disclosure of Evidence (revised)
CALCRIM No. 330. Testimony of Child 10 Years of Age or Younger (revised)
CALCRIM No. 357. Adoptive Admissions (revised)
CALCRIM No. 358. Evidence of Defendant’s Statements (revised)
CALCRIM No. 359. Corpus Delicti: Independent Evidence of a Charged Crime (revised)
Aiding and Abetting, Inchoate, and Accessorial Crimes
CALCRIM No. 415. Conspiracy (Pen. Code, § 182) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 563. Conspiracy to Commit Murder (Pen. Code, § 182) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 570. Voluntary Manslaughter: Heat of Passion—Lesser Included Offense (Pen. Code,
§ 192(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 736. Special Circumstances: Killing by Street Gang Member (Pen. Code, § 190.2(a)(22))
Assaultive and Battery Crimes
CALCRIM No. 801. Mayhem (Pen. Code, § 203) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 820. Assault Causing Death of Child (Pen. Code, § 273ab(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 852. Evidence of Uncharged Domestic Violence (revised)
CALCRIM No. 853. Evidence of Uncharged Abuse of Elder or Dependent Person (revised)
CALCRIM No. 915. Simple Assault (Pen. Code, § 240) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 960. Simple Assault (Pen. Code, § 242) (revised)
Sex Offenses

CALCRIM No. 1000. Rape or Spousal Rape by Force, Fear, or Threats (Pen. Code, § 261(a)(2), (6) & (7) (revised)

CALCRIM No. 1170. Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (Pen. Code, § 290(b)) (revised)

CALCRIM No. 1191. Evidence of Uncharged Sex Offense (revised)
CALCRIM No. 1243. Human Trafficking (Pen. Code, § 236.1(a) & (b)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 1244. Causing Minor to Engage in Commercial Sex Act (Pen. Code, § 236.1(c)) (new)
Criminal Street Gangs
CALCRIM No. 1400. Active Participation in Criminal Street Gang (Pen. Code, § 186.22(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 1401. Felony or Misdemeanor Committed for Benefit of Criminal Street Gang (Pen.
Code, § 186.22(b)(1) (Felony) and § 186.22(d) (Felony or Misdemeanor)) (revised)
Controlled Substances
CALCRIM No. 2300. Sale, Transportation, etc., of Controlled Substance (Health & Saf. Code, §§ 11352,
11379) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2301. Offering to Sell, Transportation, etc., a Controlled Substance (Health & Saf. Code,
§§ 11352, 11379) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2302. Possession for Sale, Transportation, etc., of Controlled Substance (Health & Saf.
Code, §§ 11351, 11351.5, 11378, 11378.5) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2303. Possession of Controlled Substance While Armed With Firearm (Health & Saf.
Code, § 11370.1) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2304. Simple Possession of Controlled Substance (Health & Saf. Code, §§ 11350,
11377) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2380. Sale, Furnishing, etc., of Controlled Substance to Minor (Health & Saf. Code,
§§ 11353, 11354, 11380(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2381. Offering to Sell, Furnish, etc., Controlled Substance to Minor (Health & Saf.
Code, §§ 11353, 11354) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2382. Employment of Minor to Sell Controlled Substance (Health & Saf. Code,
§§ 11353, 11354) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2383. Use of Minor as Agent to Violate Controlled Substance Law (Health & Saf. Code,
§ 11380(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2384. Inducing Minor to Violate Controlled Substance (Health & Saf. Code, §§ 11353,
11354, 11380(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2542. Carrying Firearm: Active Participant in Criminal Street Gang (Pen. Code,
§§ 25400(c)(3), 25850(c)(3)) (revised)
Crimes Against Government
CALCRIM No. 2748. Possession of Controlled Substance or Paraphernalia in Penal Institution (Pen.
Code, § 4573.6) (revised)
Vandalism, Loitering, Trespass, and Other Miscellaneous Offenses
CALCRIM No. 2901. Vandalism: Amount of Damages (Pen. Code, § 594(b)(1)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 2953. Cruelty to Animals (Pen. Code, § 597(a)) (revised)
CALCRIM No. 3184. Sex Offense: Sentencing Factors—Using Force or Fear to Cause Minor to Engage in Commercial Sex Acts (Pen. Code, § 236.1(c)(2)) (new)
Post-Trial: Concluding
CALCRIM No. 3501. Unanimity: When Generic Testimony of Offense Presented (revised)


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