AOC: You expected our reports to be useful? Pass a law that says so.

Judicial Council Watcher

It’s disturbing that this piece of legislation is even necessary. But it is necessary because the AOC wishes to hide the financial ball to whatever degree they can get away with.

AB1773 (Allen) deals with the public contracts and the courts. Among other things, it requires that the AOC present their reports in an electronic format that can be “searched, sorted, extracted, organized or filtered”.

Unfortunately, this does not cover all of the bases as an oracle database is capable of all of these things. Or a circa 1985 copy of Lotus 123. While we all know that the legislature means in an excel (or excel-like) format rest assured that the AOC will present it on an exported oracle database just so us common folk don’t get near the ability to extract the information that we want without buying Mr. Ellison a new America’s Cup boat.

We’re about to see…

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