Summary of CA court of appeal decisions 4/16/2014

A summary of the unpublished decisions is posted below. No family law cases were decided or published, one child support case was remanded for modification based on the information provided to the appellate court, a few criminal and civil cases were reversed.
The prefixes designate the different districts. The first appellate district is represented by the letter A, the second with the letter B, the third with the letter C, the fourth with the letters, D, E and G (depending on division one, two and three); the fifth with the letter F and the sixth with the letter H.

Case Type Decision Date initiated Date decided Appellant self represented
H038489 civil cs remand for modification 06/20/12 04/16/14 yes
A138808 juvenile Affirm and remanded 05/29/13 04/16/14 no
A137413 civil Affirm 12/21/12 04/16/14 no
F066190 cr Reversed sentence struck 11/19/12 04/16/14 no
F066170 cr Affirm 11/20/12 04/16/14 no
C074627 cr Affirm 06/04/13 04/16/14 no
B250671 cr Affirm 08/01/13 04/16/14 no
B250040 juvenile Affirm 05/24/13 04/16/14 no
B249535 civil Affirm 06/17/13 04/16/14 no
B247342 civil Affirm 03/06/13 04/16/14 no
B246291 civil Affirm 01/03/13 04/16/14 no
B244252 civil Affirm 09/24/12 04/16/14 no
A138013 civil Affirm, remand on tax cost issue 03/01/13 04/16/14 no
F066597 cr Affirm 01/31/13 04/16/14 no
E059296 juvenile Affirm 07/29/13 04/16/14 no
D064573 criminal Affirm 09/11/13 04/16/14 no
D064401 cr Affirm 08/13/13 04/16/14 no
D063866 civil Affirm 04/29/13 04/16/14 yes
D063609 cr affirm in part reversed in part 03/15/13 04/16/14 no
C074229 cr Affirm 05/29/13 04/16/14 no
B250050 civil Affirm 07/11/13 04/16/14 no
B244433 civil Affirm 10/09/12 04/16/14 no
A138675 civil reverse denied slapp motion 05/16/13 04/16/14 no



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