Summary of CA Court of Appeal Unpublished Decisions 4/17/2014

The list of court of appeal cases decided today is included below. One family law case made a lone appearance, did not involve children and was affirmed. One juvenile parental termination case was completely reversed, a few criminal and civil cases were reversed.


Case Type Decision Date initiated Date decided Appellant self represented
H040135 cr reversed and affirm 09/05/13 04/17/14 no
H039428 civil reverse and remand 03/15/13 04/17/14 no
G048662 cr Affirm 07/03/13 04/17/14 no
G048174 civil appeal dismissed upon motion 03/13/13 04/17/14 no
F065801 cr Affirm 09/13/12 04/17/14 no
E059628 cr Affirm 09/06/13 04/17/14 no
B249093 juvenile Affirm 05/31/13 04/17/14 no
B241198 cr Affirm 05/02/12 04/17/14 no
A138456 cr sentence corrected. 04/02/13 04/17/14 no
A138419 civil Affirm 04/05/13 04/17/14 yes
F067129 civil fl Affirm 04/11/13 04/17/14 yes
F064800 cr restitution lowered, judgment affirmed 04/16/12 04/17/14 yes
F064090 cr affirm, strike enhancements, remand 12/16/11 04/17/14 no
F066832 cr remand for further proceedings 03/06/13 04/17/14 no
F065916 cr Affirm 10/05/12 04/17/14 no
D064709 juvenile Affirm 09/30/13 04/17/14 no
C075201 juvenile Affirm 11/25/13 04/17/14 no
C074442 cr Affirm 08/05/13 04/17/14 no
B249609 juvenile Affirm initiated by Dept. 04/30/13 04/17/14 no
B244966 civil Affirm 11/01/12 04/17/14 no
B241020 cr Affirm 05/02/12 04/17/14 no
A139220 juvenile reversed 07/11/13 04/17/14 no
G049642 cr Affirm 09/26/12 04/17/14 no
G049159 juvenile Affirm 10/17/13 04/17/14 no
G048436 cr affirm as modified 05/14/13 04/17/14 no
B252131 juvenile Affirm 10/25/13 04/17/14 no

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