CA court of appeal cases 4/21/2014

 The summary of  CA court of appeal unpublished decisions is included below. There were NO family law cases decided or published. A few criminal and civil cases were reversed. A number of People vs. Wende briefs (In People v. Wende (1979) 25 Cal.3d 436) were to no surprise affirmed. Wende appeals raise no issues on appeal instead they request the court to review the record. In two criminal cases, H040175, H040158   the court appointed counsel by the Court of Appeal was informed by the court that he used the incorrect standard for appeal and that he should have used the Serrano standard,  People v. Serrano, (2012) 211 Cal.App.4th 496, 501 (Serrano), instead of the Wende standard.

C073497 cr Remand for retrial and resentencing 04/03/13 04/21/14 no
C071457 cv Affirm 06/25/12 04/21/14 yes
C070744 cr modify judgment and affirm 03/20/12 04/21/14 no
B251457 juvenile consolidated judgment affirm, jurisdiction terminated. 08/28/2013 04/21/14 no
B251259 cr Wende case Affirm 08/22/13 04/21/14 no
B251004 juvenile Affirm 08/28/13 04/21/14 no
B250558 cv Affirm 08/01/13 04/21/14 no
B247521 juvenile Affirm 04/16/13 04/21/14 no
B244391 cr Affirm 01/30/13 04/21/14 no
H040247 juvenile Affirm 10/11/13 04/21/14 no
H039576 cr Wende case Affirm 04/22/13 04/21/14 no
H039299 cr Affirm 04/08/13 04/21/14 no
E059084 juvenile Affirm 07/01/13 04/21/14 no
E057547 cr Affirm 11/15/12 04/21/14 no
H040364 cr dismiss appeal 11/04/13 04/21/14 no
H040175 cr wende case Affirm 09/19/13 04/21/14 no
H040158 cr Wende case Affirm 09/17/13 04/21/14 no
E058968 juvenile Affirm 06/11/13 04/21/14 no
E058946 juvenile Affirm 06/17/13 04/21/14 no
E057061 cr Affirm 09/04/12 04/21/14 no
E054980 civil Affirm 11/14/11 04/21/14 no
C064864 cr remand for resentencing 04/19/10 04/21/14 no
B250346 civil reverse 07/29/13 04/21/14 no
B249534 civil Affirm 06/20/13 04/21/14 no
B248359 juvenile Affirm 03/18/13 04/21/14 no
B247657 civil consolidate appeals, one reversed 03/20/13 04/21/14 no
B246890 cr Affirm 02/07/13 04/21/14 no
B245407 civil reverse and remand 11/26/12 04/21/14 no
A140282 cr Wende case Affirm 11/12/13 04/21/14 no
H039273 cr modify judgment 01/30/13 04/21/14 no
H038250 civil remand for defendants to bring dismissal motion 04/13/12 04/21/14 yes
B248053 cr Affirm 04/10/13 04/21/14 no
B242333 cr Affirm 07/02/12 04/21/14 no

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