The Domestic violence standard of the Riverside Superior Court.

An appeal was filed where the fourth district division two appellate court partially reversed the restraining order. However, the partial reversal was in error as it contained several mistakes in the opinion, including citing evidence that did not exist and was never presented, i.e. inventing fictitious phone calls not substantiated by phone records. When this was pointed out to Justice Ramirez at oral argument he specified that the appellate court would take another look at their “opinion”. Instead Justice McKinster who coined the opinion fixated on his THREE invented phone calls that were never made and that are not supported by the record or any testimony in order to uphold his opinion rather than doing the right thing and completely reversing the restraining order.


News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

Most of the litigants that experience this court are aware that the Court routinely fails to protect from valid acts that fall under the domestic violence act for certain select litigants.  However, let’s consider what this court DOES consider domestic VIOLENCE for certain select litigants that unlawfully in the court’s eyes deserve to be punished.

A parent marches in court and claims that he is being harassed when the mother phones her children according to a court order that was put in place, The restraining order was granted on his statements that a mother phones her children  on his phone as he refused to make any other phone available to her. Testimony was presented that there was obscene verbal abuse by the father in these phone calls against the mother as the father does everything he can to prevent any and all contact with their mother including repeatedly picking up…

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