CA Court of Appeal Stats 4/25/2014

A summary of the cases from all six CA appellate districts is included below. All criminal and civil cases were affirmed, a few with modifications. One juvenile case was jurisdictionally and dispositionally reversed. No family law cases made an appearance. All Wende criminal briefs were affirmed.

Date Posted Docket #/ File Format Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
04/25/14 G049233 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Melchionne CA4/3 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 11/04/13 cr affirm no
04/25/14 F066604 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Quinn CA5 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 02/04/13 cr wende brief affirm no
04/25/14 F066174 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Vasquez CA5 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 11/26/12 cr wende brief affirm no
04/25/14 G049322 [PDF] [DOC] Gemmel Pharmacy Group v. Douglas CA4/3 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 01/20/12 civil affirm no
04/25/14 G047914 [PDF] [DOC] Gort v. Kort CA4/3 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 01/09/13 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 B250202M [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Merlos CA2/3 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 07/25/13 cr opinion modified no change in judgment no
04/25/14 B248855 [PDF] [DOC] Green v. SA Recycling CA2/1 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 05/17/13 cr affirm no
04/25/14 B247188 [PDF] [DOC] Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corp. CA2/1 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 02/13/13 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 B245606 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Harvey CA2/8 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 11/29/12 cr affirm as modified no
04/25/14 H038739 [PDF] [DOC] Margolis v. Tran CA6 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 09/04/12 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 H038268 [PDF] [DOC] Nguyen v. Margolis CA6 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 05/07/12 civil affirm no
04/25/14 F064090M [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Diaz CA5 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 12/16/11 cr opinion modified no change in judgment no
04/25/14 D064245 [PDF] [DOC] Webb v. Hadzicki CA4/1 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 07/01/13 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 D063775 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. McCoy CA4/1 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 04/12/13 cr affirm as directed no
04/25/14 D061832 [PDF] [DOC] Sznyter Inc. CA4/1 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 05/21/12 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 B248293 [PDF] [DOC] Target Media Partners v. Hartford Financial Services CA2/8 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 04/19/13 civil affirm no
04/25/14 B246735 [PDF] [DOC] Donovan v. Dan Murphy Foundation CA2/4 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 02/01/13 civil affirm no
04/25/14 B246119 [PDF] [DOC] R City v. Security Building Loft Partners CA2/8 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 12/27/12 civil affirm yes
04/25/14 A136579 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Jimenez CA1/4 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 09/05/12 cr affirm no
04/25/14 G049208M [PDF] [DOC] San Jacinto Z v. Stewart Title Guaranty CA4/3 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 04/19/12 civil opinion modified no change in judgment no
04/25/14 G047462 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Sarpas CA4/3 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 09/28/12 cr affirmed remanded with directions no
04/25/14 B251390 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Chaparro CA2/3 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 08/21/13 cr wende brief affirm no
04/25/14 A140629 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Escalante CA1/3 filed 4/25/14   Case Details 08/21/13 cr wende brief affirm no
04/25/14 A139076 [PDF] [DOC] In re M.W. CA1/1 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 06/26/13 juvenile reverse jurisdictional and depositional orders remand for further proceedings no
04/25/14 A134248M [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Young CA1/3 filed 4/24/14   Case Details 12/02/11 cr opinion modified no change in judgment no

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