Rule 8.260. Opinions [Reserved]

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

So specifies title eight rule 8.260, meaning that the opinion section of title eight rules of court has not been established yet, nor the formal policy governing said opinions and how they are supposed to be applied to litigants.

Anyone who is familiar with our Fourth District Court of Appeal in Riverside knows that the court has a policy of releasing tentative opinions before they are binding to allow a litigant the opportunity to disagree at oral argument.

Most litigants can agree that in theory this is a good policy. It provides litigants with an overview of the direction that the panel is leaning to before an official opinion is reached. However, as many of us had the considerable misfortune to experience the court of appeal fails to address any mistakes, ambiguities or outright fabrications at oral argument. Instead the time of the litigant is wasted, as is the…

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