Judicial Council report of case load statistics

The Judicial Council at the end of the 2013 year released a summary of court statistics documenting a 10 year history of filings.


The report combines a 10-year statewide summaries of superior court filings and dispositions with similar workload indicators for the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal and is designed to fulfill the provisions of article VI, section 6 of the California Constitution, which requires the Judicial Council to survey the condition and business of the California courts.

Although the summary is indeed pretty it fails to document the most obvious, the actual disposition rate of cases filed in the same year by the Court of Appeal, and fails to differentiate family law cases from all civil cases in the appellate court. The report also does not discuss the decision ratio of affirmed or reversed appeals and neither does it specify the legal standard of said opinions.

The report merely reflects case load without specifying in detail (which can be done in a one word sentence) what the basis of the disposition of cases was; particularly relevant in family law cases and appellate court cases. 

Since our court system allows a mechanism for juvenile appeal cases and criminal appeal cases to have an appellate attorney appointed by the court, at taxpayers expense, one would assume that the judicial council would be interested in examining the decision ration and basis of decision of said cases as they take up a considerable percentage of the court’s cases.




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