The Judicial Council’s half-hearted attempts at reform

What is the point of allowing judges and justices from the entire State to provide recommendations to the AOC as to an effective management of the AOC based on their grass roots experience with the current court system in place when the executive committee disregards all of their feedback?. Effective leadership takes into account a needs based evaluation of the conditions and circumstances that our judiciary has to deal with on a daily basis. A similar mechanism should be open to the average person on the street as to what our experience is with the current court system in place. Effective leadership does not disregard these recommendations merely to cover up their own incompetence.

Judicial Council Watcher

It started with the commissioning and implementation of the SEC report

While all of us witnessed the Judicial Council’s administrative offices going rogue and wasting hundreds of millions of dollars our chief justice sought to delay the budgetary hammer coming down on her administrative offices by coming up with a three year plan of delay and obfuscation called the Strategic Evaluation Committee report. Judges and justices from all over the state would be tasked to look at the AOC and their various divisions and study them. Eventually they produced a report that ripped the administrative office a new orifice recommending radical change. Judicial Council leadership was stunned by the reports recommendations and indicated they would take them under advisement.

For those of us who wished to see real reform it was a major disappointment because it gave ample reason for the other two branches to keep on swinging that budget…

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