Court of Appeal statistics 4/28/2014


The summary of the unpublished decisions of all six CA appellate court of appeal districts has been included below. A few criminal and juvenile cases were reversed.  No family law cases by any court made an appearance. One probate case was reversed in part.  All other civil cases were affirmed.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
04/28/14 H039761
P. v. Gaspar CA6 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 06/04/13 cr judgment modified no
04/28/14 G048378
Shih v. Lin CA4/3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 04/26/13 civil affirm no
04/28/14 G046293
Holt v. Denholm CA4/3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 12/29/11 probate affirm in part reverse in part no
04/28/14 G045496
Holt v. Denholm CA4/3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 07/08/11 civil affirm no
04/28/14 F068265
In re Frank M. CA5 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 10/24/13 juvenile affirm no
04/28/14 A134796
P. v. Maldonado CA1/5 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 02/24/12 cr affirm no
04/28/14 H038548
P. v. Madrigal CA6 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 07/06/12 cr affirm no
04/28/14 G048659
P. v. Arroyo CA4/3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 07/02/13 cr reversed no
04/28/14 F068201
In re H.O. CA5 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 10/10/13 juvenile conditionally reverse based on ICWA and affirm no
04/28/14 E058617
P. v. Cornejo CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 04/26/13 cr affirm as modified no
04/28/14 E058100
P. v. Bailey CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 02/19/13 cr affirm in part remanded with directions in part no
04/28/14 E057420
P. v. Vigil CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 10/29/12 cr affirm no
04/28/14 E056243
East Valley Pawn v. San Bernardino Cty. Dept. of Agriculture Weights and Measures CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 05/02/12 civil affirm no
04/28/14 E058604
In re K.M. CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 04/23/13 juvenile affirm no
04/28/14 E058364
P. v. Fowler CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 03/20/13 cr affirm no
04/28/14 E058185
P. v. Ortega CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 03/04/13 cr reversed and vacated no
04/28/14 E056903
P. v. Vera CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 08/09/12 cr reversed in part affirmed with directions no
04/28/14 D064112
P. v. Gomez-Villeda CA4/1 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 06/20/13 cr affirm no
04/28/14 D064031
Sanchez v. State of Cal. DMV CA4/1 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 05/30/13 cr affirm no
04/28/14 C073917
P. v. Alvis CA3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 05/09/13 cr conviction affirmed, fines remanded no
04/28/14 C073778
P. v. Walters CA3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 03/29/13 cr reversed and remand no
04/28/14 B247315
Kaufman v. Diskeeper CA2/4 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 02/13/13 civil affirm no
04/28/14 E056656
Cardiel v. Marquez CA4/2 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 07/05/12 civil affirm no
04/28/14 D063796
P. v. Cesmat CA4/1 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 04/16/13 cr affirm no
04/28/14 C069582
P. v. Reeves-Moniz CA3 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 11/01/11 cr affirm advised to file writ of haebus corpus no
04/28/14 B248445
P. v. Parrilla CA2/6 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 04/30/13 cr affirm no
04/28/14 B242267M
Scivally v. City Council for the City of South Pasadena CA2/7 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 06/28/12 civil order modifying opinion no change in judgment no
04/28/14 A135715
P. v. McDonald CA1/4 filed 4/28/14   Case Details 06/07/12 cr affirm no

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