CA Court of Appeal Stats 5/2/2014

A summary of all unpublished opinions from all six California appellate courts is included. One civil and one criminal case was reversed. One Wende appeal was successful and had the judgment vacated in order for the defendant to withdraw his probation admission or in the alternative be remanded for re-sentencing. Two family law cases made an appearance, (one without an available court docket) and were both affirmed. 


Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/02/14 H039948
P. v. Delgado CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 07/19/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/02/14 G049171
In re M.R. CA4/3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 10/18/13 juvenile affirm no
05/02/14 F067792
In re Marcus M. CA5 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 08/08/13 juvenile wende appeal affirm no
05/02/14 F065830A
P. v. Rhodes CA5 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 09/21/12 cr affirm abstract modified fee reduced no
05/02/14 E057767
Embroidery Industries v. ROC Fashion CA4/2 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 12/11/12 civil appeal dismissed no
05/02/14 B247670
P. v. Martinez CA2/3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 03/12/13 cr affirm no
05/02/14 B244186
P. v. Boyd CA2/3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 09/25/12 cr affirm, amended abstract no
05/02/14 A137855
In re M.P. CA1/4 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 02/06/13 juvenile affirm, remand to correct dispositonal order no
05/02/14 H039667
In re F.M. CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 04/26/13 cr affirm dispositonal order modified no
05/02/14 G048929
Adoption of S.L. CA4/1 filed 5/2/14   Case Details docket not available civil family law adoption case affirm no
05/02/14 A139849
Squires v. City of Eureka CA1/2 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 09/24/12 civil appeals consolidated no
05/02/14 H039068
P. v. Rosales CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 11/20/12 cr reversed no
05/02/14 A136260
Marriage of Controulis and Hazard CA1/3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 08/10/12 civil family law affirm no
05/02/14 H040209
P. v. Mendoza CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 10/01/13 cr affirm as modified no
05/02/14 H039645
In re O.C. CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 05/10/13 juvenile affirm as modified no
05/02/14 H039078
P. v. Kekheya CA6 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 11/29/12 cr affirm no
05/02/14 D062909
Hall v. Rite Aid Corp. CA4/1 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 11/13/12 civil reversed no
05/02/14 C070860
P. v. Fischer CA3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 04/16/12 cr affirm no
05/02/14 B250477
Sparks v. EHM Productions CA2/3 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 08/06/13 civil affirm plus litigant was declared vexatious based on a written OSC issued by the trial court citing 5 separate legal civil complaints yes
05/02/14 B250044
P. v. Kinney CA2/5 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 07/16/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/02/14 B249112
P. v. Brown CA2/7 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 05/23/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/02/14 B246701
Flagstar Bank v. Lawyers Title Co. CA2/5 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 01/31/13 civil affirm no
05/02/14 A139390A
P. v. Dunn CA1/5 filed 5/2/14   Case Details 07/17/13 cr wende appeal judgment vacated, trial court directed to allow defendant to withdraw parole violation admission or to proceed with resentencing no

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