Published cases 4th District Division 2 Court of Appeal.

A summary of the available published cases of the Fourth District Division 2 court has been listed below. One family law case made the cut stating that the FL 319 forms, requesting attorney fees and costs, are not mandatory if a comparable declaration is filed.

Date Posted Docket #/ File Format Description Date filed Type of case Opinion Appellant Self represented
04/28/14 E057444 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Zuniga 4/28/14 CA4/2   Case Details 10/29/12 criminal Affirm Held: Probable cause certificate required, appeal dismissed no
04/25/14 E055732 [PDF] [DOC] DKN Holdings v. Faerber 4/9/14 CA4/2   Case Details 02/23/12 civil affirm, appeal dismissed. Held claim barred by preclaim exclusion of res judicata doctrine no
04/24/14 E057355 [PDF] [DOC] In re A.M. 4/24/14 CA4/2   Case Details 10/17/12 juvenile affirm. Held: Juvenile hall qualifies as detention facility no
04/17/14 E054926N [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Dubose 4/17/14 CA4/2   Case Details 11/04/11 criminal affirm. Opinion modified no change in judgment no
04/11/14 E049095A [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Archuleta 4/11/14 CA4/2   Case Details 08/20/09 criminal affirm no
04/09/14 E058373 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Sheehy 4/9/14 CA4/2   Case Details 03/18/13 criminal affirm in part reverse in part. Held: Defendant cannot serve his sentence locally under the realignment act as defendant has to register as a sex offender according to section 290 no
04/03/14 E055423 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Wasbotten 4/3/14 CA4/2   Case Details 01/12/12 criminal affirm held: sentencing court can impose restitution amount not jury no
03/25/14 E054926 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Dubose 3/25/14 CA4/2   Case Details 11/04/11 criminal opinion modified no
03/18/14 E057282 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Weeks 3/18/14 CA4/2   Case Details 10/09/12 criminal reverse Held: Applying section 667.5, subdivision (b), is based on the date the new offense is committed. no
03/07/14 E055716 [PDF] [DOC] Saffie v. Schmeling 3/7/14 CA4/2   Case Details 02/16/12 civil affirm no
03/05/14 E054056 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Canizales 3/5/14 CA4/2   Case Details 07/18/11 criminal affirm no
03/03/14 E059673 [PDF] [DOC] Gilbert v. Super. Ct. 2/6/14 CA4/2   Case Details 09/25/13 criminal writ petition granted. People’s access to defendant’s medical record is limited. no
02/25/14 E058521 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Harris 2/25/14 CA4/2   Case Details 04/11/13 criminal affirm no
01/30/14 E051500 [PDF] [DOC] City of Riverside v. Horspool 1/16/14 CA4/2   Case Details 08/03/10 civil affirm no
01/27/14 E055362 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Falls 1/27/14 CA4/2   Case Details 12/30/11 criminal affirm no
01/22/14 E056941 [PDF] [DOC] Marr. of Sharples 1/22/14 CA4/2   Case Details 08/10/12 Civil, family law Reverse: FL form 319 is not mandatory if a comparable declaration is filed no
01/22/14 E054322 [PDF] [DOC] Ahn v. Kumho Tire 1/22/14 CA4/2   Case Details 08/12/11 civil reverse in part, affirm in part no
01/14/14 E052297 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Goolsby 1/14/14 CA4/2   Case Details 11/16/10 criminal reverse and remanded to dismiss for failure to prove charge no




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