Court of Appeal case stats 5/7/2014

A summary of all unpublished decisions from all six CA appellate districts is included below. Three family law cases made an appearance. All Wende appeals were affirmed. A few criminal and civil cases were reversed.

Date Posted Docket #/ File Format Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/07/14 G047808 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Carmona CA4/3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 12/18/12 cr affirm no
05/07/14 H039756 [PDF] [DOC] In re Z.Q. CA6 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/12/13 juvenile affirm no
05/07/14 F066940 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Galaz CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 03/22/13 cr affirm wende appeal no
05/07/14 F066871 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Killebrew CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 03/12/13 cr affirm no
05/07/14 F066551 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Spears CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 01/29/13 cr sentence vacated remanded to trial court no
05/07/14 F066332 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Styre CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 12/11/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 E059350 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Cordova CA4/2 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 08/02/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 E057015 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Simmons CA4/2 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 08/27/12 cr affirmed in part, reversed in part, remanded with directions no
05/07/14 B246438 [PDF] [DOC] Cohan v. Chapman, Glucksman et al. CA2/8 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 01/09/13 civil affirm yes
05/07/14 A139590 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Russ CA1/5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 08/22/13 cr affirm no
05/07/14 A137941 [PDF] [DOC] Reiter v. Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept. CA1/5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 02/19/13 civil reverse to permit amendment on First amended complaint no
05/07/14 F068288 [PDF] [DOC] In re Ava S. CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 11/04/13 juvenile affirm no
05/07/14 F066177 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Wagner CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 11/15/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 F066167 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Mines CA5 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 11/07/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 C074926 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Mouton CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 10/11/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 C074126 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Therien CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/27/13 cr reverse stalking conviction, strike enhancements no
05/07/14 C073601 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Campbell CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 04/15/13 cr affirm no
05/07/14 C073411 [PDF] [DOC] Montgomery v. D’Ottavio CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 03/25/13 civil family law restraining order affirmed no
05/07/14 B251487 [PDF] [DOC] Benavides v. WCAB CA2/3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 09/25/13 civil workers comp annul and remand, petition for review granted no
05/07/14 B246318 [PDF] [DOC] Romero v. Kraco Enterprises CA2/4 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 01/08/13 civil affirm no
05/07/14 B245693 [PDF] [DOC] Marriage of Panzer CA2/ 7 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 12/07/12 civil family law affirm no
05/07/14 B242313 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Jones CA2/6 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/20/12 cr affirm no
05/07/14 A137082 [PDF] [DOC] Living Rivers Council v. State Water Res. Control Bd. CA1/2 filed 5/7/14 11/13/12 civil affirm no
05/07/14 H038999A [PDF] [DOC] In re Bianca P. CA6 filed 5/6/14   Case Details 11/13/12 juvenile affirm no
05/07/14 H038797 [PDF] [DOC] Migdal v. JP Morgan Chase Bank CA6 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 09/19/12 civil affirm no
05/07/14 H038513 [PDF] [DOC] Johnson v. Vallco Shopping Mall CA6 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 07/06/12 civil affirm yes
05/07/14 G047701 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. AlvarezAlvarez CA4/3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 11/27/12 cr affirm no
05/07/14 E058099 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Hasan CA4/2 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 02/19/13 cr affirm conviction reverse attorney fees, remand for new hearing no
05/07/14 D064536 [PDF] [DOC] In re Elmer A. CA4/1 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 09/04/13 juvenile reversed Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable detentions of persons by law enforcement no
05/07/14 C074123 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Sotelo CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/21/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/07/14 C074015 [PDF] [DOC] In re I.H. CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/10/13 juvenile wende brief affirm no
05/07/14 C071381 [PDF] [DOC] Mills-Luiz v. Thomas CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 06/19/12 civil family law affirm grandparent visitation order no
05/07/14 C070424 [PDF] [DOC] Chantry v. DMV CA3 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 02/16/12 civil reversed no
05/07/14 C070013 [PDF] [DOC] filed 5/7/14   Case Details 12/19/11 cr affirm no
05/07/14 B249550 [PDF] [DOC] In re Riley T. CA2/7 filed 5/7/14   Case Details 04/23/13 juvenile affirm no



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