Court of Appeal Stats 5/9/2014

A summary of the list of  unpublished decisions from all CA six appellate districts has been included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/09/14 G049960
In re Guerrero CA4/3 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 04/11/14 cr habeas corpus petition granted to file notice of appeal no
05/09/14 B246708
Hollingsworth v. JAD Ins. Brokers CA2/8 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 01/31/13 civil affirm no
05/09/14 G048673
P. v. Avila CA4/3 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 07/08/13 cr wende brief affirm no
05/09/14 F068903
David C. v. Superior Court CA5 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 02/18/14 juvenile writ petition denied yes
05/09/14 F068533
In re Salas CA5 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 12/17/13 cr habeas corpus petition granted to file notice of appeal yes
05/09/14 E060562
S.K. v. Superior Court CA4/2 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 02/10/14 juvenile writ petition denied no
05/09/14 E058799
P. v. Becerra CA4/2 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 05/20/13 cr affirm in part, reverse in part with directions no
05/09/14 E058468
P. v. Scott CA4/2 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 04/02/13 cr affirm no
05/09/14 D063584
Marriage of Brown CA4/1 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 03/13/13 civil family law affirm no
05/09/14 B240733A
Burgueno v. Epic Imports CA2/5 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 04/19/12 civil reversed and remanded in part, affirmed in part no
05/09/14 H039622
P. v. Moody CA6 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 05/09/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/09/14 G048465
P. v. Holt CA4/3 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 05/22/13 cr affirm no
05/09/14 G047790
P. v. Sanchez CA4/3 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 12/10/12 cr affirm no
05/09/14 F064119
P. v. Leon CA5 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 01/04/12 cr assessments vacated, remanded. Otherwise affirmed no
05/09/14 E058686
In re L.F. CA4/2 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 05/08/13 juvenile affirm, remanded to determine criminal status felony or misdemeanor no
05/09/14 D065121
In re J.M. CA4/1 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 12/16/13 juvenile affirm no
05/09/14 D064142
P. v. Smith CA4/1 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 06/19/13 cr affirm no
05/09/14 D064020
P. v. Sanez CA4/1 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 06/06/13 cr affirm no
05/09/14 D063269
Ocean’s Eleven Casino v. Anders CA4/1 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 01/10/13 civil reverse denied motion to strike and remand no
05/09/14 C072990
P. v. Seeboth CA3 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 01/18/13 cr affirm no
05/09/14 A138505
In re E.V. CA1/4 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 04/25/13 juvenile affirm no
05/09/14 A138057
P. v. Mays CA1/2 filed 5/9/14   Case Details 03/05/13 cr affirm no

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