Court of Appeal Stats 5/13/2014

A summary of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate court districts in the State of California is listed below.  Two family law cases made an appearance. One was dismissed as a denied CCP 170.6 challenge is only reviewable through a writ of mandate according to the statute. Two wende appeals resulted in a correction of abstract or credits.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/13/14 G049211
P. v. Nicolas CA4/3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 07/17/12 cr affirm no
05/13/14 D063035M
Sterling Trust v. Edwards CA4/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 11/08/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 B245296
Kim v. Kim CA2/8 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 11/16/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 A140138
In re A.G. CA1/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/21/13 juvenile affirm as modified no
05/13/14 A138766
P. v. Bingham CA1/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 04/26/13 cr affirm remand to recalculate custody credits no
05/13/14 H040214
In re L.C. CA6 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/01/13 juvenile affirm no
05/13/14 G048260
P. v. Ruelas CA4/3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 04/03/13 cr affirm no
05/13/14 G046874
Sema Construction v. City of Tustin CA4/3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 05/02/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 E057696
Marriage of Hicks and Garbani CA4/2 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 12/11/12 civil family law appeal dismissed as appeal from a denied 170.6 challenge is not appealable. yes
05/13/14 E057285
P. v. Barrientos CA4/2 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/05/12 cr affirm no
05/13/14 B251542
In re Alejandro O. CA2/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 09/19/13 juvenile affirm no
05/13/14 B249453
P. v. Chavez CA2/5 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 06/13/13 cr affirm no
05/13/14 B249258
P. v. Mendoza CA2/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 06/07/13 cr affirm with instructions and remanded no
05/13/14 B248875
P. v. Nyquist CA2/8 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 05/20/13 cr affirm no
05/13/14 B247318
Route 66 CPAs v. Glendora Courtyard CA2/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 03/04/13 civil affirm no
05/13/14 B244905
P. v. Sims CA2/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/31/12 cr reverse to permit Marsden hearing no
05/13/14 A139067
Marriage of Dang CA1/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 06/25/13 civil family law affirm property division yes
05/13/14 A136145
P. v. Clark CA1/3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 07/26/12 cr affirm no
05/13/14 H039924
In re W.A. CA6 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 07/18/13 juvenile Reverse and remand dispositional order no
05/13/14 F065395
P. v. Pitt CA5 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 07/10/12 cr affirm no
05/13/14 C074558
P. v. Ferguson CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 08/19/13 cr wende appeal remand to award conduct credits and correct abstract no
05/13/14 C073870
Franchetto v. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 05/15/13 civil affirm no
05/13/14 C072470
P. v. Roos CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 01/15/13 cr wende appeal affirm correct abstract no
05/13/14 C070832
Aerotek. v. The Johnson Group Staffing CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 04/06/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 C068237
P. v. Leith CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 05/18/11 cr affirm no
05/13/14 B252605
In re Guillermo D. CA2/5 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/31/13 juvenile affirm no
05/13/14 B250347
P. v. Demanuel CA2/7 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 07/24/13 cr affirm no
05/13/14 B249446
L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services v. L.A. County Civil Service Commission CA2/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 06/14/13 civil affirm no
05/13/14 B233898
Madenlian v. State of California CA2/5 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 06/20/11 civil affirm in part and reversed in part no
05/13/14 A136877
Citizens Advocating for Roblar Rural Quality v. County of Sonoma CA1/5 filed 5/13/14  Case Details 10/18/12 civil reverse no
05/13/14 D065122
In re Scarlett R. CA4/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 12/17/13 juvenile affirm no
05/13/14 D064840
Square One, Inc. v. Superior Court CA4/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/31/13 civil writ petition denied no
05/13/14 D064572
P. v. Riley CA4/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 09/12/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/13/14 D062833
Humphrey v. Bank of America CA4/1 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 10/04/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 C070498
P. v. Quair CA3 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 02/24/12 cr reverse for resentencing no
05/13/14 B251263
P. v. Mohamed CA2/7 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 08/30/13 cr parole revocation fine stricken no
05/13/14 B248303
Adelman v. Adelman CA2/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 04/22/13 civil affirm no
05/13/14 B245075
Rothman v. Deshay CA2/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 11/08/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 A136409
Friends of Appleton-Wolfard Libraries v. City and County of San Francisco CA1/4 filed 5/13/14   Case Details 08/28/12 civil affirm no
05/13/14 D063406A
P. v. Sanchez CA4/1 filed 5/6/14   Case Details 01/31/13 cr affirm no




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