The Chief Justices Hipocracy Exposed

Judicial Council Watcher

Nearly 22 million dollars – or enough money to employ 220 court clerks. To reopen more than a dozen rural courthouses across the state.

This is how much money Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye demands that taxpayers pay on her behalf to have the California Highway Patrol drive her (and other presiding justices and justice council members) to and from work. But that’s not all. They also escort her on trips to Hawaii. On trips to Puerto Rico. On trips anywhere she wants to go. The chief suggests that she is attending to speak at meetings of various legal associations and that somehow, this is official business that taxpayers must pay for.

Yet many of those same associations will pay for and fly in other official speakers at their own expense. Why can’t Cantil-Sakauye, at the very least demand reimbursement from these same legal associations for her expenses that she bills to the California…

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