The Jezebels of the Riverside Superior Court.

In the mind set of the Riverside Superior court judiciary we exist. We are characterized by definition as “an immoral woman who deceives people in order to get what she wants”. There are certain cases that all have one common denominator. Mothers who object to their children being abused and provided to drug/alcohol addicts and felon, where our only crime is to engage in healthy holistic activities with our children, where concern is expressed by the court as to the activities that said mother engages in, (see below excerpt from a custody trial and tentative statement of decision). No such concern is of course expressed for the fact that children are placed with alcoholics or drug addicts where pervasive rampant abuse is the norm; who conceal children from the other parent and disappear with them on a constant basis.

These are not isolated cases. There is a pattern, going back years, that corresponds to any woman attempting to protect her children; who dares to present to the court the incidences of “these activities” that would be a concern to any parent. The wall that we all run into is that the relevant judicial officers are male, who sympathize with any father, no matter what this father does. Of course it does not help that the entire court has a Mormon religious influence where patriarchy is what we are supposed to accept under any and all conditions no matter what the cost is to us and our children.

The Jezebels; however, do have a basis for comparison. Some of us have children with another parent where shared parenting is not a problem. Some of us are acquainted with and have friends who are excellent fathers who treat their children and the other parent with respect and ensure that children and their health and emotional well being is a priority.

However, in the court we are viewed as Jezebels not to be “believed” in any capacity no matter what evidence is presented that documents what exactly we and our children are exposed to and go through on a daily basis.

Corruption and the failure to apply the law, as we have discussed in our other articles permeates the entire court, and affects all sexes; but the class of Jezebels in this court is a special category that does exist.

The above testimony was presented with regard to children’s activities as part of a custody trial held in May 2011, in front of Judge Dale Wells, Indio family department. Judge Dale Wells in his tentative statement of decision issued on 5/5/2011, subsequently modified, managed to turn the above testimony into an issue of concern.  Folks be warned, do not take your children to the library, or engage in extra-curricular activities as that will be used as a least like to share standard in the Court’s State of mind.


2 comments on “The Jezebels of the Riverside Superior Court.

  1. Unlike in most civilized and developing nations where judges have to specialize in family law, any incompetent and unqualified Tom, Dick and Harry can be appointed to the benches of US family courts, preferably those with a proven track record of sociopathy,. None of the judges/commissioners of the Riverside Superior Court, including the current master puppeteer Mark Cope, are even remotely qualified to preside over family law cases as evidenced by their horrific custody decisions, none of which are based on the law and the “best interest of the child” standard, but solely on their religious beliefs and doctrines of their church, advocating medieval patriarchy and the subjugation of women. A battered woman and mother who refuses to be beaten to death and seeks protection from the court for herself and her children, which the court is obliged to provide by law, is ridiculed, denigrated and dehumanized by morally corrupt wielders of power such as Dale Wells, who is driven by his compulsive obsession to seek revenge on all women who like his three ex-wives failed to bow to his self-perceived male superiority and what better way to torture a mother than ripping her children away from her and placing them at the mercy of convicted felons, drugs addicts and violent alcoholics. In my country, narcissistic, megalomaniac wielders of power such as Wells and Cope who blatantly violate their oath of office, would be lynched in the media and immediately removed from the bench. It is high time to introduce new legislation that requires all family court judges to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before placement on the bench of family courts. Judges like Wells and Cope who willfully and maliciously endanger the lives of women and children must be impeached and prosecuted for gross human, civil, constitutional rights abuses and torture. Vote them out, recall them, impeach them, hold them criminally and financially liable for every second, minute, hour, day, month and year they have deprived you of your children with malicious intent.

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