California court of appeal stats 5/19/2014

A list of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts has been presented below.



Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/19/14 A134698
P. v. Byrns CA1/2 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 02/08/12 cr affirm as modified no
05/19/14 H038986
P. v. Perez CA6 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 11/07/12 cr affirm no
05/19/14 F066850
In re Ignacio L. CA5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 03/11/13 cr affirm no
05/19/14 E058873
P. v. Reichlein CA4/2 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 05/28/13 cr affirm no
05/19/14 B252934
In re Gabriel C. CA2/5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 11/20/13 juvenile affirm no
05/19/14 B244940
P. v. Cerritos CA2/5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 10/29/12 cr modified in part affirmed with directions no
05/19/14 A139346
In re A.B. CA1/1 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 07/23/13 juvenile affirm no
05/19/14 D064111
Staniforth v. The Judges Retirement System CA4/1 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 05/30/13 civil affirm in part, reverse in part  
05/19/14 D063536
Kulakowski v. Verimatrix, CA4/1 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 02/22/13 civil affirm  
05/19/14 C074623
P. v. Hechler CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 08/26/13 cr wende appeal affirm  
05/19/14 C074295
P. v. Miranda CA3 filed 5/19/15   Case Details 07/09/13 cr wende appeal affirm  
05/19/14 C073826
P. v. Jamison CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 05/06/13 cr reverse and remand to allow marsden hearing no, only one appellant self represented
05/19/14 C073325
In re William S. CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 03/06/13 juvenile affirm no
05/19/14 B251316
P. v. Kennedy CA2/6 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 08/26/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/19/14 A137982
P. v. Loren CA1/5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 02/22/13 cr affirm no
05/19/14 C074845
P. v. Cervantes CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 10/01/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/19/14 C074353
P. v. Osbourn CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 07/26/13 cr affirm no
05/19/14 C074244
P. v. Eppes CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 07/08/13 cr wende appeal Affirm amend abstract of judgment  
05/19/14 C074113
In re L.A. CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 06/24/13 juvenile affirm  
05/19/14 C073239
P. v. Vega CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 02/28/13 cr judgment modified to strike criminal protective order no
05/19/14 C062753A
P. v. Payne CA3 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 08/14/09 cr affirm no
05/19/14 B251738
In re Darius M. CA2/6 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 10/07/13 juvenile affirm no
05/19/14 B248827
In re T.W. CA2/5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 03/26/13 juvenile appeal dismissed no jurisdiction no
05/19/14 B248737
Apex Development v. Armand Gonzales, Inc. CA2/5 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 05/10/13 civil affirm no
05/19/14 B245347
P. v. Isaac CA2/6 filed 5/19/14   Case Details 11/15/12 cr provisionally reverse judgment to allow marsden hearing no

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