CA court of appeal stats 5/23/2014

A summary of the list of unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts has been included below. One criminal Wende appeal was reversed and a few juvenile and criminal cases were reversed.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of Case Decision Appellant pro per
05/23/14 H040103
In re Z.B. CA6 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/29/13 juvenile probate condition modified affirmed no
05/23/14 H040070
P. v. Cervantes CA6 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/15/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/23/14 H039341
P. v. Rodriguez CA6 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 02/19/13 cr affirm no
05/23/14 F069069
Dustin B. v. Superior Court CA5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 03/14/14 juvenile writ petition granted vacating order terminating reunification services yes
05/23/14 E059189M
P. v. Pfeifer CA4/2 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 07/12/13 cr order modifying opinion no change in judgment no
05/23/14 B251103
In re D.I. CA2/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/21/13 juvenile affirm appeal dismissed as moot no
05/23/14 B248509
P. v. Gonzalez CA2/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 05/02/13 cr affirm as modified no
05/23/14 B247232
P. v. Trejo CA2/4 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 01/03/13 cr affirm no
05/23/14 B246553
Turner, Warren, Hwang & Conrad v. Caicos Development Co. CA2/2 filed 5/23/14  Case Details 01/16/13 civil affirm no
05/23/14 B244985
P. v. Frisch CA2/2 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 11/05/12 cr affirm as modified no
05/23/14 B244067
P. v. Martinez CA2/3 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 09/19/12 cr affirm as modified no
05/23/14 A139763
Conservatorship of Baylacq CA1/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 09/06/13 civil affirm no
05/23/14 A135075
P. v. Hawkins CA1/4 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 02/02/12 cr modify judgment for custody credits and fine, affirm as modified no
05/23/14 G048217
The Regents of the University of Ca. v. WCAB (Lappi) CA4/3 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 03/28/13 civil workers compensation case Annulled Remand back to WCAB to reconsider discovery dispute without requiring privileged documents no
05/23/14 D064252
Fundamental Partners v. Eggemeyer CA4/1 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 07/02/13 civil affirm no
05/23/14 B251987
In re Tristan W. CA2/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 10/03/13 juvenile reverse conditionally to comply with ICWA no
05/23/14 B251258
P. v. Mills CA2/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/26/13 cr Judgment affirmed, modified for custody credits and fines no
05/23/14 B250568
In re Malik J. CA2/5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 05/06/13 juvenile Family law exit orders are partially reversed no
05/23/14 F067073
P. v. Turner CA5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 04/12/13 cr affirm, strike fees no
05/23/14 F066208
P. v. Sanchez CA5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 11/16/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/23/14 F065829
P. v. McCoy CA5 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 09/20/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/23/14 D065193
In re J.P. CA4/1 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 01/06/14 juvenile affirm no
05/23/14 D064377
P. v. Donnell CA4/1 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/05/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
05/23/14 D064115
P. v. The North River Ins. Co. CA4/1 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 06/19/13 cr affirm no
05/23/14 D063244
Estate of Issa CA4/1 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 12/05/12 civil affirm no
05/23/14 C072616
In re A.W. CA3 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 10/24/12 juvenile affirm no
05/23/14 C071933
P. v. Johnson CA3 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/16/12 cr modify judgment, affirm and correct abstract no
05/23/14 B251646
P. v. Fargas CA2/8 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 09/16/13 cr wende appeal conditionally reversed to hold new pitchess hearing no
05/23/14 B243610
Heyen v. Safeway CA2/4 filed 5/23/14   Case Details 08/27/12 civil affirm no
05/23/14 B242502
Taylor v. City of Burbank CA2/3 filed 5/22/14   Case Details 06/29/12 civil affirm no



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