Judge Dale Wells’ State of Mind when interpreting evidence, where Children are the property of the father.

Children are mere chattels in the Riverside Superior Court, regarded as property that belongs to someone. There is no concern for the equitable status of parents and their children during proceedings.

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The assumption when there is a custody trial is that evidence is presented and will be interpreted without belief presumptions, conjecture and speculation. Here is a situation where the father opened up an order to show cause in 2009 stating that the mother is delusional and a danger to herself and her children, without a shred of evidence. The whole point was to obtain an advantage in custody proceedings. A custody trial finally emerged, unfortunately, in Judge Dale Wells’ court room, in the Indio family law department.

Testimony was presented by a diverse number of witnesses including the father, who categorically stated that the children were happy and well taken care of, during the time that he opened up the initial order to show cause and “gasp” that the mother was never a danger to herself and her children. Judge Dale Wells did not find this issue concerning. Instead he specifically fixated on the…

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