SHE needed to be taught a lesson.

This is how the saga in the Riverside Superior Court began.  In December of 2009, a commissioner rubber stamped  a mediator’s recommendation when there was no agreement to  the concoction at the hearing or in writing pursuant to CA evidence code section 1118-1121.   At the hearing it was specifically stated “I do not agree”, yet the commissioner proceeded despite the evidence that was presented at that hearing, which mandated that the children according to the best interest of the child standard remain with the other parent.

This commissioner had no interest in hearing anything according to any legal standard of the law, as his goal was retaliation. So imagine that you find out a few months later that this commissioner acted  out of retaliation as a CCP 170.6 challenge was filed against him. This was the message conveyed by an attorney to the litigant, who was closely affiliated with the court.

This is the extent of the impartiality and integrity that the judicial officers present to the public in the Riverside Superior Court; abusing the law in an abuse of discretion merely to “teach” a litigant a lesson, destroying the lives of children and that parent.


One comment on “SHE needed to be taught a lesson.

  1. Incompetence, arrogance, megalomania, malevolence and sociopathy are the prerequisites for placement on the bench of the Riverside Superior Court, notably the INDIO FAMILY COURT. For four and a half years, this kangaroo court has been terrorizing and continues to terrorize this mother and her two children, based on an UNLAWFUL and VOID custody order made by COMMISSIONER LAWRENCE P. BEST, who willfully and maliciously placed two little boys at the mercy of a convicted felon, drug addict and violent alcoholic TO TEACH HER A LESSON BECAUSE SHE DARED TO FILE A 170.6 CHALLENGE AGAINST HIM.
    Like all the rest of the judicial muppets let loose to run amok in the Indio Family Court, Best had no knowledge of family law and was “still learning” as revealed in an interview which made the great Houdini act after I had published the link to the article. Here is an excerpt which I had saved at the time:

    “He said stepping out of his criminal law shoes and into family law was “scary,” but that he is settling in thanks to mentoring from other judges and commissioners and intense studying. “It is intense and it can be very contentious,” he said of the niche. “It’s a whole different legal scheme than I’m used to. Not only are you learning family law, but you are also learning civil.”


    Though Best had no previous family law experience, she said, he has acclimated quickly. “It’s not easy,” she said. “But he’s a good illustration that if you read and work hard and pay attention and your demeanor is considerate you can learn it fast.” However, Crist said Best doesn’t always explain the reasons behind his decisions.

    “He’s been really clear on most things, but occasionally he just gives the ruling,” she said. “I think it helps in family law to be as enlightening as you can within reason, and it helps pro pers understand why rulings are happening and for lawyers to understand the thinking. “This is something he could gently keep in mind – letting [parties] know his reasoning a little more.” Best admitted that he could explain himself more, and said the fact that he doesn’t “is a reflection of my newness in family law.”

    “I think I could be better in that area,” he said. “I think that’s a valid criticism. It’s something I will work on.”

    Clearly, nobody “enlightened” Larry Best that he was NOT ALLOWED to rubber-stamp a mediator’s recommendation, notably that of notorious EMELINDA MCGINNIS who is known throughout California for her obscene obsession to recommend custody to drug addicts and alcoholics, as evidenced by the many comments posted by other victims of this sadistic duo on the public forum of the Santa Cruz News in 2010/2011:

    “My son too was a victim of both Commissioner LAWRENCE P. BEST and the mediator EMELINDA MCGINNIS.
    I was in court the same week as your daughter on Dec 7th 2009. Custody was given to my son’s abusive alcoholic father. He is court ordered not to drink but still does. My son lost part of his finger in his father care. I went back to court and once again Emelinda McGinnis lied and I made no progress.The only light is that Commissioner Best has been removed from family court and I have managed to get McGinnis also removed from my case.Two years later and I am still fighting for my son’s rights.”

    “I and my daughter are also victims of Emelinda McGinnis and Lawrence P. Best. I sent a complaint to the Board of Behavioral Sciences, and it does not appear that they care at all what this woman has done. Just like the girl mentioned above, Emelinda did not record anything my daughter said, refused to listen to her at all, she recorded only the false accusations of her batterer father. Emelinda McGinnis is a sociopath; capable of compelling family law judges to destroy childhoods. Emelinda Figueroa McGinnis is wholly misogynist, both to women and girls, and she is anti-child. When my boys were young enough to be in the system she also ignored their pleas to be protected from their father.The combination of ignorance and self-importance of these two court employees with their lack of conscience is what is at the core of their paid behaviors, and the cause of many desperate tears of children.In addition to Lawrence Best, my family, and many, many other families, have also been abused in Indio, Ca. by former court commissioners Gretchen Taylor and Dale Wells.”

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