The “grandmother” who is a flight risk.

The assumption by some people is that they can do what they want, with the children that are a part of you. One such scenario exists in one so-called family where the children in this case are literally held hostage from the other parent, due to a spiteful vendetta, as the only tool these people have against this parent are children.

So in 2010, “grandma” who is not even a biological relative of the children disappeared with a child without informing the other parent as to where the child would be taken and denied phone contact for five days. There has never been a visitation order granted pursuant to CA family code 3100-3105, allowing this person to take the children and deny all contact with their biological parent. Since then, “grandma” has taken a willful delight in absconding with children on a repeated basis including removing the children from this state with the assistance of her step son, without disclosing to their parent where the children would be located.  It’s a game to these people, where it is truly believed that they OWN these children and can harm them no matter what the consequences, as this is the ONLY tool and weapon they have against the other parent.

When an “evaluation” was scheduled in 2010, “grandma” went camping with 2 cats in order to avoid the evaluator and present a pet free household to the court. No doubt the cats enjoyed the camping trip with a miauing here and a miauing there but these are the length these people go to, to deceive a court.

The pattern in this family goes back years, where the same behavior was exhibited to the biological mother of the step son and any woman who refuses to have anything to do with the step sons or sons in this dysfunctional family, where “grandma” does everything she can to harm the established bond of the biological parent with their children.

The biological mother in all instances is referred to as THE MOTHER, with the capitalized infliction and connotation permeating every day life, where “grandma” HAS to be the center of attention and usurp the ACTUAL mother. No other person matters, certainly not the biological mother of said children. The result produced in her own household consists of a 75% success rate of raising drug felons and batterers and that is the goal with every successive generation as there is no fostering of love, empathy, compassion and education. Just the opposite prevails. Hate and the destruction of another human creeps through the entire household, through children.

There is no thought to facilitating any healthy parent relationship with the biological parent, instead preferring to clinging to children denying all contact with their parent in a spiteful nanananana game, as that is the only mentality that prevails above all else.   No one has to date managed to hold these people accountable for their actions in any capacity.

The definition of abduction pursuant to CA Family code 6240 (c) is defined as take, entice away, keep, withhold, or conceal. All of which this “family” has done with gusto as they “believe” that they are above the law and that it can never apply to them, and that they will NEVER be held accountable for their actions.



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