CA court of appeal stats 6/3/2014

A summary of the list of unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/ File Format Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/03/14 E059076M [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Zimmerman CA4/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 07/02/13 cr affirmed as modified no
06/03/14 A139927 [PDF] [DOC] In re Jordan D. CA1/3 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 10/02/13 juvenile affirm no
06/03/14 A137875 [PDF] [DOC] Sutter Health Wage and Hour Cases CA1/5 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 02/05/13 civil affirm no
06/03/14 A137317M [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Warren CA1/3 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 10/24/12 cr affirm no
06/03/14 A136086 [PDF] [DOC] Estate of Mapes CA1/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 07/27/12 civil affirm no
06/03/14 H038306 [PDF] [DOC] Marriage of Zhang and Huang CA6 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 05/16/12 civil family law affirm yes
06/03/14 D064024 [PDF] [DOC] Marsh v. Anesthesia Services Medical Group CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 05/21/13 civil affirm in part, reversed in part no
06/03/14 C071775 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Mendoza CA3 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 07/31/12 cr affirm no
06/03/14 B249257 [PDF] [DOC] Bent v. County of Los Angeles Assessment Appeal Bd. CA2/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 06/10/13 civil affirm in part, reverse in part, remanded no
06/03/14 B248239 [PDF] [DOC] In re C.M. CA2/8 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 03/21/13 juvenile affirm no
06/03/14 B247618 [PDF] [DOC] Lim v. Villa Garfield CA2/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 03/18/13 civil reverse attachment order no
06/03/14 B246499 [PDF] [DOC] Ocean Avenue LLC v. County of Los Angeles CA2/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 01/10/13 civil affirmed and remanded with directions no
06/03/14 A138844 [PDF] [DOC] In re Danny M. CA1/5 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 05/24/13 juvenile affirm no
06/03/14 A137179 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Girk CA1/2 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 11/16/12 cr affirm no
06/03/14 F066472 [PDF] [DOC] Miner v. Chase Home Finance CA5 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 12/14/12 civil affirm yes
06/03/14 D065785 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Manchego CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 10/18/12 cr affirm no
06/03/14 D063485 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Underwood CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 02/21/13 cr affirm as modified with directions no
06/03/14 D063156 [PDF] [DOC] P .v. Jones CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 12/17/12 cr affirm no
06/03/14 D065248 [PDF] [DOC] Green v. Superior Court CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 01/15/14 cr writ petition granted no
06/03/14 D064938 [PDF] [DOC] In re Athena Q. CA4/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 11/13/13 juvenile affirm no
06/03/14 B252217 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Covington CA2/1 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 10/17/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/03/14 A139963 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Williams CA1/3 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 10/01/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/03/14 A137888 [PDF] [DOC] Gill v. West Contra Costa Unified School Dist. CA1/5 filed 6/3/14   Case Details 02/13/13 civil affirm



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