CA court of appeal stats 6/4/2014

A summary of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts in the State of California is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/04/14 F066340
P. v. Studer CA5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 12/11/12 cr affirm no
06/04/14 E060222
P. v. Perea CA4/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 12/13/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/04/14 A140031
P. v. Mendez-Munoz CA1/4 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 10/08/13 cr affirm no
06/04/14 H039123
Campagna v. Gatley Properties CA6 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 12/06/12 civil affirm no
06/04/14 G049815
P. v. Martinez CA4/3 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 06/21/12 cr affirm and remanded with instructions no
06/04/14 F066507
P. v. Lloyd CA5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 01/15/13 cr affirm no
06/04/14 F066212
P. v. Kaiserman CA5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 11/26/12 cr affirm no
06/04/14 F065500M
P. v. Hosley CA5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 08/02/12 cr order modifying opinion no change in judgment no
06/04/14 D065096
In re J.S. CA4/1 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 12/16/13 juvenile affirm no
06/04/14 C070173
P. v. Riley CA3 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 01/09/12 cr strike fine, affirm no
06/04/14 B251841M
PT Gaming v. Kang CA2/4 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 09/26/13 civil order modifying opinion no change in judgment no
06/04/14 B248388
Weinstock v. Rosenberg CA2/8 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 04/29/13 civil affirm trial court order no
06/04/14 B242443
PCB Productions v. MJC America CA2/4 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 07/09/12 civil affirm in part, reverse in part no
06/04/14 H039686
P. v. Martinez filed 6/3/14   Case Details 05/24/13 cr reverse and remand to rule on 17 (b) motion no
06/04/14 H038622
P. v. Raygoza CA6 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 08/02/12 cr affirm no
06/04/14 H038385
DeVries v. Naegele CA6 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 06/04/12 civil affirm no
06/04/14 E060007
P. v. Segobia CA4/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 11/12/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/04/14 C069689
P. v. Fazel CA3 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 11/10/11 cr afirm no
06/04/14 C068584
Pacific Coast Build. Products v. Camellia Valley Supply CA3 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 06/28/11 civil appeal dismissed no
06/04/14 B253981
P. v. Guerra CA2/5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 01/14/14 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/04/14 B251635
P. v. Shull CA2/5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 09/16/13 cr affirm no
06/04/14 B251171
In re C.R. CA2/5 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 09/09/13 juvenile wende appeal affirm no
06/04/14 B249978
Moore v. Century Gaming Management CA2/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 07/09/13 civil reverse summary judgment, remand no
06/04/14 B249621
In re Walter R. CA2/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 05/08/13 juvenile affirm no
06/04/14 B244914
P. v. Martin CA2/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 10/30/12 cr affirm, strike penalty no
06/04/14 A138974
P. v. Escobar CA1/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 06/12/13 cr appeal dismissed no

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