CA court of appeal stats 6/5/2014

A summary of unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/05/14 A138852
P. v. Wilson CA1/4 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 05/23/13 cr affirm no
06/05/14 A138735
QVS Builders v. 579 Bridgeway CA1/4 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 05/14/13 civil affirm no
06/05/14 H038371
P. v. Kuchler CA6 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 05/31/12 cr order modified affirmed no
06/05/14 F069259
In re Cruz CA5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 04/25/14 cr writ proceeding haebus corpus granted to file notice of appeal yes
06/05/14 F068478
In re Jack W. CA5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 12/02/13 juvenile affirm no
06/05/14 F067942
In re Miranda M. CA5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 09/04/13 juvenile affirm no
06/05/14 E060309
P. v. McKinnie CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 02/23/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 E060145
P. v. Hakim CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 12/02/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 E059321
In re J.W. CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 08/02/13 juvenile reverse disposition order in part no
06/05/14 B253425
P. v. Pilkington CA2/6 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 12/26/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 B247454
Zakari v. Miller CA2/4 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 03/11/13 civil affirm no
06/05/14 A134481
Dayton v. James CA1/5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 01/30/12 civil affirm yes
06/05/14 E059932
P. v. Aguilera CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 10/29/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 E054813
Sullivan’s Stone Factory v. State Compensation Ins. Fund CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 10/12/11 civil affirm no
06/05/14 B250997
In re Daniel D. CA2/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 08/26/13 juvenile conditionally reverse to allow ICWA notice no
06/05/14 B250735
P. v. Turner CA2/8 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 08/13/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 B249425
P. v. Williams CA2/8 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 06/17/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 B247437
P. v. Contreras CA2/8 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 03/13/13 cr affirm no
06/05/14 B246929
Nubani v. County of Los Angeles CA2/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 02/07/13 civil affirm no
06/05/14 B246618
Dated 6/5/14 P. v. Howard CA2/4 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 02/01/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 B245049
DeLuca v. State Fish CA2/3 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 11/06/12 civil affirm no
06/05/14 A140049
P. v. McDaniel CA1/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 10/16/13 cr affirm no
06/05/14 D065347
In re T.A. CA4/1 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 01/29/14 juvenile appeal dismissed no
06/05/14 D064618
P. v. Ho CA4/1 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 09/18/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 C075200
In re L.C. CA3 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 11/15/13 juvenile affirm no
06/05/14 C072321
P. v. Sermeno CA3 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 10/17/12 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 B249177
In re M.L. CA2/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 05/02/13 juvenile reverse no
06/05/14 B247479
Farzan v. Wescom Credit Union CA2/8 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 03/13/13 civil affirm no
06/05/14 B240843
Those Interested Underwriters at Lloyd’s etc. v. Transguard Ins. CA2/2 filed 6/5/14  Case Details 04/26/12 civil affirm no
06/05/14 A140148
P. v. Radcliffe CA1/5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 10/25/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/05/14 A139424
P. v. Rivera CA1/1 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 07/31/13 cr affirm no
06/05/14 A136266
Lewis v. Am-Cal Services CA1/1 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 07/19/12 civil vacate judgment remand for trial no
06/05/14 G048496
Roybal v. City of Santa Ana CA4/3 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 05/20/13 civil summary judgment reversed, affirm in part, remand no
06/05/14 F068054
In re K.X. CA5 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 09/16/13 juvenile affirm no
06/05/14 E060658
Mindy W. v. Super. Ct. CA4/2 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 02/26/14 civil family law writ petition granted vacate order requiring genetic testing no
06/05/14 E056030
Salgado v. Modern Meat CA4/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 04/05/12 civil affirm no
06/05/14 D065280
P. v. Torres CA4/1 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 11/15/12 cr affirm no
06/05/14 C070699
P. v. Valenzuela CA3 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 03/19/12 cr affirm no
06/05/14 C069218
Vargas v. Martinez-Senftner Law Firm CA3 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 09/12/11 civil affirm no
06/05/14 B250328
Zulli v. Ghanem CA2/6 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 07/29/13 civil appeal dismissed for failure to comply with appellate rules yes
06/05/14 A139799
In re R.M. CA1/1 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 09/17/13 juvenile affirm as modified no
06/05/14 A138332
In re Charles N. CA1/2 filed 6/4/14   Case Details 04/08/13 juvenile affirm no



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