CA court of appeal stats 6/6/2014

A summary of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.


Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/06/14 A137116
Musonge v. Bank of America CA1/4 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 11/16/12 civil affirm yes
06/06/14 A137097
P. v. Curlee CA1/4 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 11/13/12 cr affirm no
06/06/14 H038781
Citizens Against Airport Pollution v. City of San Jose CA6 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 08/28/12 civil affirm no
06/06/14 G048399
Upasani v. State Farm General Ins. Co. CA4/3 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 05/03/13 civil affirm no
06/06/14 E056344
Marriage of Kahn CA4/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 05/17/12 civil family law affirm in part dismiss in part as moot yes
06/06/14 B242398
Misik v. D’Arco CA2/3 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 06/20/12 civil affirm no
06/06/14 B242155
Olson v. Price CA2/3 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 06/26/12 civil reverse no
06/06/14 A137593
P. v. Gregory CA1/5 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 01/09/13 cr modify probation condition no
06/06/14 A136914
P. v. Molina CA1/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 10/15/12 cr affirm no
06/06/14 H038197M
P. v. Montalbo CA6 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 04/10/12 cr opinion modified no change in judgment no
06/06/14 F069330
In re Ruiz CA5 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 05/12/14 cr writ of habeas corpus granted to file notice of appeal no
06/06/14 E059671
P. v. Hicks CA4/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 09/23/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/06/14 E058270
In re A.F. CA4/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 03/05/13 juvenile reverse with directions no
06/06/14 B250114
P. v. Mitchell CA2/8 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 07/22/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/06/14 B248626
3H Corp. v. Integrated Technologies CA2/8 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 04/29/13 civil affirm no
06/06/14 B246755
P. v. Velasco CA2/8 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 02/06/13 cr affirm no
06/06/14 A137824
Zainalizadeh v. City of Mill Valley CA1/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 02/01/13 civil affirm yes
06/06/14 E054236
Bank of the West v. Zavala CA4/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 08/01/11 civil affirm yes
06/06/14 H037209
Lee v. Li CA6 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 08/02/11 civil reverse the trial court order in part no
06/06/14 F069096
In re Calderon CA5 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 03/25/14 cr writ of habeas corpus granted to file notice of appeal yes
06/06/14 E054256
Sullivan’s Stone Factory v. Downey, Cavadias & Deane CA4/2 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 08/05/11 civil affirm no
06/06/14 D064821
P. v. Perez CA4/1 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 10/24/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/06/14 A141379
J.L. v. Superior Court CA1/1 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 03/18/14 juvenile writ proceeding denied no
06/06/14 A138044
P .v. Brown CA1/4 filed 6/5/14   Case Details 02/25/13 cr appeal and writ proceeding dismissed no

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