CA Court of Appeal Stats 6/9-6/10/2014

A summary of the list of unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/10/14 E058088
In re I.S. CA4/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 02/08/13 juvenile affirm no
06/10/14 E055375
Adams v. Devlin CA4/1 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 12/27/11 civil affirm in part, reverse in part with directions no
06/10/14 A141265
Moore v. Superior Court CA1/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 03/14/14 civil writ proceeding granted to vacate contempt order as defendant needs to have the ability to pay no
06/10/14 A139655
Perry v. JP Morgan Chase Bank CA1/3 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 09/03/13 civil affirm yes
06/10/14 F068498
In re Jacob K. CA5 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 12/05/13 juvenile affirm no
06/10/14 F066171
P. v. Ware CA5 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 11/16/12 cr wende appeal application of prior prison term enhancements reversed, remanded no
06/10/14 D065252
In re J.M. CA4/1 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 01/15/14 juvenile affirm no
06/10/14 D064452
P. v. Grajeda CA4/1 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 07/24/13 cr affirm as modified no
06/10/14 C071425M
McDaniel-Guthrie v. Mechanical Analysis/Repair CA3 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 06/18/12 civil order modifying opinion no change in judgment no
06/10/14 B252670
In re E.C. CA2/7 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 11/01/13 juvenile affirm no
06/10/14 E057173
P. v. Ramirez CA4/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 09/20/12 cr affirm with directions no
06/10/14 C073768
P. v. Koppe CA3 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 05/02/13 cr affirm no
06/10/14 B251734
P. v. Cortez CA2/6 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 10/03/13 cr reverse and remand no
06/10/14 B249368
Mitchell v. Johns CA2/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 06/05/13 civil affirm lack of record prohibits effective review as to whether attorney fees were awarded under a family code in a restraining order proceeding pursuant to CCP 572.6 yes
06/10/14 B248426
Elliott v. Hovrick CA2/7 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 04/30/13 civil affirm no
06/10/14 B247954
P. v. Avila CA2/6 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 03/27/13 cr affirm no
06/10/14 B246574
Prewitt v. 1-800-GET THIN CA2/7 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 01/18/13 civil affirm no
06/10/14 B245143
Loaiza v. Jackson CA2/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 11/13/12 civil affirm no
06/10/14 A140984
P. v. Craig CA1/3 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 01/29/14 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/10/14 A136071
Gidding v. Salama CA1/2 filed 6/10/14   Case Details 07/23/12 civil affirm yes
06/09/14 F066482
Akin v. Prado CA5 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 07/23/12 civil affirm no
06/09/14 B234514
P. v. Maddox CA2/1 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 07/19/11 cr affirm in part, reverse in part no
06/09/14 A130993
Ochoa v. San Juan CA1/2 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 01/10/11 civil dismiss untimely appeal, affirm no
06/09/14 H039436
P. v. Garcia CA6 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 03/14/13 cr dismiss appeal fugitive from justice no
06/09/14 H039366
McClean v. Fishman CA6 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 03/01/13 civil order granting and denying slapp motion reversed no
06/09/14 F068383
In re Alejandro C. CA5 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 11/08/13 juvenile wende appeal affirm no
06/09/14 D063245
Sachs v. San Diego Center for Children CA4/1 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 11/27/12 civil affirm no
06/09/14 C074887
P. v. Humphrey CA3 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 10/01/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
06/09/14 C073125
P. v. Bulahan CA3 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 02/08/13 cr affirm no
06/09/14 B251101
In re Faith W. CA2/4 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 08/28/13 juvenile affirm no
06/09/14 B245785
P. v. McGruder CA2/3 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 12/12/12 cr affirm no
06/09/14 B242120
P. v. Chavez CA2/5 filed 6/9/14   Case Details 06/13/12 cr affirm no
06/09/14 B241871A
P. v. Keller CA2/7 filed 6/6/14   Case Details 05/30/12 cr affirm no
06/09/14 B248082
P. v. Alexander CA2/2 filed 5/6/14   Case Details 04/04/13 cr affirm no

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