Basking In The Glow Of Yet Another Trainwreck…..

Judicial Council Watcher

This is the contents of an email from the Alliance of California Judges to their members. The first paragraph demonstrates how the AOC misses the mark by about a thousand miles. After all, the AOC burned taxpayer money to stock up on iPads and passed out swag bags with electronic tablets in them to legislators, why wouldn’t they push forth the concept even further of pushing the convenience of mobility in a largely stationary workforce?

Am I missing something here?

Have we gone back to rural circuit courts with judges on horseback visiting far flung towns that actually might need an iPad or did we just shut down the remote courts and force people to drive hundreds of miles for their day in court?

Consider what the fecal touch might be as opposed to the midas touch…

…then ask your legislators to direct judicial branch funding to the trial courts…

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