CA court of appeal stats 6/11/214

A list of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below. Justice McKinster based his reversal of the dismissal motion in case E057789  upon County of Los Angeles Dept. of Regional Planning v. Superior Court (2012)  208 Cal.App.4th 1264, 1271, where defendant, as the moving party, failed to present any evidence upon which the court could base a rational decision on the motion. “An act constituting an  abuse of discretion is described as one that is arbitrary, capricious, or beyond the bounds of reason.” It was beyond the bounds of reason—i.e., an abuse of discretion—to rule on the motion in the absence of any evidence. 

The same rational of course is not accorded to any family law litigants who experience the Fourth District Court of appeal opinions in their family law appeals, where arbitrary and capricious rulings are the norm, without ANY evidence.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not
06/11/14 F066421
Johnson v. Pacific Gas and Electric CA5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 12/11/12 civil affirm yes
06/11/14 D065494
Sandra C. v. Super. Ct. CA4/1 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 02/25/14 juvenile writ proceeding denied no
06/11/14 B254217
In re No. P. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 12/24/13 juvenile affirm no
06/11/14 B250904
In re M.O. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 07/22/13 juvenile reversed no
06/11/14 B247876
Pladott v. Garbell CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 03/21/13 civil affirm yes
06/11/14 B245752
Hughes v. State of Cal. Dept. of Corrections etc. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 12/17/12 civil affirm no
06/11/14 E057789
P. v. Bartholomaus CA4/2 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 12/27/12 cr motion to dismiss reversed no
06/11/14 E055764
P. v. Gray CA4/2 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 02/24/12 cr wende appeal. Court requested supplemental briefing on issues affirm no
06/11/14 E053550
P. v. Ysiano CA4/2 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 05/09/11 cr affirm no
06/11/14 D065784
P. v. Phillips CA4/1 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 11/07/12 cr affirm no
06/11/14 D065270
P. v. Ramos CA4/1 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 09/19/12 cr affirm no
06/11/14 B255018
Pedro B. v. Super. Ct. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 03/07/14 juvenile writ proceeding denied no
06/11/14 B252569
In re Isaiah S. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 11/13/13 juvenile affirm no
06/11/14 B248487
Henschel v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Syst. CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 05/02/13 civil affirm no
06/11/14 B247960
P. v. Talibdeen CA2/5 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 04/03/13 cr wende appeal. affirm no
06/11/14 B245008
P. v. Cho CA2/3 filed 6/11/14   Case Details 11/06/12 cr affirm as modified no

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