Indoctrination of parents to obey no matter what.


The above letter is making the rounds in social media circles to illustrate the current state of our education system and the impact on children who dare to question and point out the correct application of simple facts. The letter represents a great analogy of what parents experience in our current family law court judicial system.

A litigant files an exparte motion to correct the insane order of a judge that literally ripped children from the only home that they have known and prevented that they see their parent. The exparte motion was heard by the senior judge of the relevant court and the litigant is greeted with the statement” Did you file this motion because you disagree with the fact that a judge made the order? ” The litigant’s response was:  ” No I filed the motion as I have the legislative right to disagree with the order”. The order in question was a mediator’s recommendation which was rubber-stamped by a commissioner who refused to adhere to CA evidence code section 1118-1121 which requires an agreement in writing or at a hearing by said parents.

The attitude reflects the outrage that parents are greeted with on a day to day basis in the “court of law” that refuses to abide by our constitutionally protected right to a parent child relationship. Yes folks our relationship with our children is protected by the fourteenth amendment in this country.

How dare we as parents point out the law? How dare we as parents insist on the preservation of our constitutionally protected parent child relationship? How dare we not accept the insanity that passes as law these days that has nothing to do with the legislative intent of the law but  consists of  sheer malicious judicial rape and battery? How dare we as parents not accept that a judge is not God?

Parents all over the United States are protesting the current state of family law courts which persecute, punish and retaliate against litigants. The response of the “judiciary” is to increase the judicial rape and battery against litigants who dare to point out the heinous atrocities committed against them and their children as the belief is that parents have to be indoctrinated to “obey” no matter what insanity a judge orders or the cost to parents and their children. As parents we are supposed to accept that LOSS of our children from our lives. That simply is NEVER going to happen.




2 comments on “Indoctrination of parents to obey no matter what.

  1. I am a non-custodial mother of two children in Illinois. In 2009 the family court judge took MY CHILDREN from the only home they’d ever known, and placed them with a pedophile and domestic abuser. My daughter made NINE total sexual abuse allegations during that trial, but was still placed with her abuser (Court Ordered Abuse). She is now 14 years old, and has suicidal ideations and is cutting (self-mutilating). SURPRISE! I was awarded supervised visitation, then no visitation, after she made her final EIGHT sexual abuse allegations. We were all destroyed.

  2. The tsunami of judicially battered, dehumanized and tortured parents is unstoppable by now and will crush each and every malevolent predator on the bench.

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