When the court falsifies the record it undermines the integrity of the judicial system

“It fools everyone outside the branch because the “they could never do such a thing because they stand for justice” belief is factored in.” Litigants familiar with how the Commission on Judicial Performance operates are quite familiar with the fact that the commission protects certain members of the judiciary while sacrificing others on a public altar of sanctimonious reprimand. The behavior that is the subject of a sanctioning order is mirrored a thousand fold by other judges who are deemed to be protected. The commission relies on the fact that they have immunity for their decisions under the CA constitution. As the only organization that allegedly holds judicial officers accountable for the violation of judicial canon of ethics the organization lacks transparency and accountability and certainly does not inspire any confidence in its ability to actually address violation of ethics across the board.

Judicial Council Watcher

Nobody is above the law.

Well, except sometimes, when you’re a California judge.

We generally make it a point to shy away legal cases and focus on what is wrong with the judicial branch. Mostly what is wrong with the judicial branch can be found in San Francisco. However……sometimes we see a series of incidents where evidence shows ample reason to believe that a crime has been committed and thus the public trust in the judicial branch as an institution is undermined by the actions of court officials.

Things like a pattern of court record destruction and court record falsifications fall high on our exceptions list. We mention them and then we move on. Today is one of those days.

When we look at how other states handle judicial crimes, we see grand juries convened and indictments passed down. Sometimes we see judges in other states go to prison. Yet…

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One comment on “When the court falsifies the record it undermines the integrity of the judicial system

  1. This mirrors to the T the documented judicial crimes routinely committed by the state actors of the Riverside Superior Court, notably Commissioner LAWRENCE P. BEST and JUDGE DALE WELLS, which renders all their malevolent and downright criminal rulings VOID. The same applies to the respective presiding judges SHERRILL ELLSWORTH and MARK COPE, covering up and “justifying” the multiple impeachable acts of judicial malfeasance, perjury, fraud upon the court, tampering with evidence, fabricating evidence committed by these aberrant wielders of power with an “exercise of judicial discretion”.
    Riding on the wave of fictitious immunity, they blatantly abuse their power and violate their oath of office, although – unless they missed the relevant classes in law school – they should know that when a judge has a duty to act, he does not have discretion – he is then not performing a judicial act, he is performing a ministerial act.
    Judicial immunity does not exist for judges who engage in criminal activity, for judges who connive with, aid and abet the criminal activity of another judge, or to a judge for damages sustained by a person who has been harmed by the judge’s connivance with, aiding and abeting, another judge’s criminal activity.

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