Oh hail the reversal of $ 500 attorney fees in criminal cases, which takes enormous legal precedence over all our custody cases in the 4th district division two appellate court.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

These are the types of the cases that our Fourth District Division Two appellate court in Riverside has allocated a preferential status to and considers of paramount importance as that notice of appeal was filed in February 2013. It is of course more important to consider a $ 500 attorney fee cost issue, (see case below), where there are no issues concerning the health and welfare and prolongued torture of children, than any current pending custody cases in this court, some of which have been pending for over TWO AND A HALF YEARS; with a notice of appeal filed in September of 2011.

Quite simply parents and their children in this court do not matter in any capacity as a $ 500 attorney fee cost issue is DEEMED crucial and relevant. Our constitution in this country guarantees that the relationship between parents and their children is accorded a protected preferential…

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