There is light at the end of the tunnel ……..

ImageFor those of us dealing with the Riverside Superior Court it is noteworthy that current Presiding Judge Mark Cope’s term of office will be coming to an end soon. In 191 days to be exact.

To remind the public a countdown will be periodically initiated as some of us can only marvel at the hypocrisy displayed in Judge Cope’s 2014 running platform, where he stood for judicial integrity and reminded voters that judges cannot legislate from the bench.

His actions since taking office state the opposite as Judge Cope has made it a mission to prevent that certain cases that deal with the most heinous circumstances imaginable actually see the light of ANY court hearing and has legislated from the bench in each and every instance in certain custody cases.

The comments on the  Petition to appoint an ethical presiding judge speak for themselves.  Although the kumbaya moments will be preserved until the next presiding judge takes office and institutes some action we can all proclaim a giant hallelujah that Judge Cope’s term of office will end.  Maybe someone will actually act with judicial integrity and not legislate from the bench. Miracles do happen, occasionally.


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