All Americans, not including Native Americans, need to leave America and go “home”.

The above heading no doubt incurs a general “WHAT” reaction. That is precisely the point as this is the mentality that some immigrant parents deal with on a day to day basis caused by their xenophobic ex spouses who incite the court and make this a political matter.

We live in a global society. People have contact with each other all over the world. America, technically, is a country populated by people who decided to come to the United States to make it their home.  Many of these people have family members in other countries and still have contact with said family members. Slaves were “imported” from Africa to provide a labor force, resulting in the civil rights movement that is a part of American history. July 4th celebrates Independence day as a result of the American Revolution which separated thirteen colonies from Great Britain as America is a country that was colonized by immigrants.

There has yet to be a court proceeding where a custody decision is reached denying a parent custody of their children where an African American is told that he/she has no ties to this country, as they are a descendant of slaves and they should go back where they came from. There has yet to be a custody proceeding where a Native American is told that since he/she is the only one that has true “ties” to this country that he/she therefore will obtain custody.

However, in certain custody cases where a so-called “American” parent incites a court to discriminate against a parent’s immigration status that is precisely the scenario that is repeated at every proceeding. “The mental jack wagon that is not a U.S. citizen, will never get my children”, is the sentiment that is publicly bandied about as this “American” parent states that the immigrant parent allegedly has no TIES to the country, he/she chooses to live in. Said immigrant also has family that chose to immigrate to the United States generations ago. Children of course in this scenario do not matter as the fixation is to harm the immigrant parent in whatever manner can be achieved and they are not viewed as ties to their parent by the xenophobic other parent.

In a rather hypocritical move this “American” parent chooses to defraud the state in numerous ways and is an insult to what every true hard working American really stands for.

The dictionary defines family ties as:

a    a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring, the principal function of which is provision for its members  
b    (as modifier)  
family quarrels, a family unit     
2    one’s wife or husband and one’s children  
3    one’s children, as distinguished from one’s husband or wife  
4    a group of persons related by blood; a group descended from a common ancestor  
   Compare     →   extended family  
5    all the persons living together in one household  
6    any group of related things or beings, esp. when scientifically categorized  
7      (Biology)   any of the taxonomic groups into which an order is divided and which contains one or more genera. Felidae (cat family) and Canidae (dog family) are two families of the order Carnivora  
8      (Ecology)   a group of organisms of the same species living together in a community  
9    a group of historically related languages assumed to derive from one original language  
10      (Chiefly U.S.)   an independent local group of the Mafia  
11      (Maths)   a group of curves or surfaces whose equations differ from a given equation only in the values assigned to one or more constants in each curve  
a family of concentric circles     
12      (Physics)   the isotopes, collectively, that comprise a radioactive series  

Our California legislature prohibits that custody decisions are based solely on the immigrant status of a parent, recognizing the discriminatory application and insane nature of that sentiment. That does not prevent the insane hate speech of the “American” parent who chooses to incite a court to discriminate against THE FOREIGNER, a  legal immigrant parent, and where said parent has accorded preferential status to his “WHITE ASS”, and U.S. citizenship status.




One comment on “All Americans, not including Native Americans, need to leave America and go “home”.

  1. Yet this white supremacist “parent”, whose US citizenship is solely attributable to his parental grandparents who – like part of my family – emigrated to the United States a century ago, could not marry the immigrant parent with the many science degrees, who literally pulled him out of the gutter, fast enough to exploit her as a lucrative meal ticket and incubator.

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