CA court of appeal stats 7/1/2014

A summary of the unpublished decisions from all six  appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description Date filed Type of case Opinion Appellant Self represented
07/01/14 E057441
P. v. Grubb CA4/2 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 10/24/12 cr affirm no
07/01/14 A139177
In re B.T. CA1/3 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 07/01/13 juvenile affirm no
07/01/14 F068611
In re Juan C. CA5 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 12/17/13 Juvenile Wende appeal affirm no
07/01/14 B252098
P. v. Robinson CA2/8 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 10/01/13 cr wende appeal affirm no
07/01/14 F067573
Keylon v. City of Dos Palos CA5 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 05/20/13 civil reversed no
07/01/14 F067513
P. v. Welch CA5 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 06/21/13 cr affirm no
07/01/14 F066873
Tessman v. Bank of America CA5 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 03/15/13 civil affirm no cognizable claim no
07/01/14 D065358
In re Estrella S. CA4 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 01/30/14 juvenile affirm no
07/01/14 D065168
In re M.L. CA4/1 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 12/30/13 juvenile affirm no
07/01/14 D064479
P. v. Jacquett CA4/1 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 08/22/13 cr affirm no
07/01/14 C074762
P. v. Smith CA3 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 08/28/13 cr modify as affirm no
07/01/14 C072979
P. v. Obra CA3 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 01/14/13 cr affirm no
07/01/14 C069239
P. v. Forrester CA3 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 09/14/11 cr affirm no
07/01/14 C063875
Collin v. CalPortland Co. CA3 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 12/23/09 civil affirm and reverse no
07/01/14 B254901
In re J.V. CA2/5 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 03/03/14 juvenile Writ petition granted reverse in part no
07/01/14 B249580
P. v. Harris CA2/8 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 06/14/13 cr affirm no
07/01/14 B243847
Sheen v. Sheen CA2/8 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 09/11/12 civil probate reversed and remanded no
07/01/14 A139793
In re Angelina P. CA1/2 filed 7/1/14   Case Details 09/17/13 juvenile affirm no

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