Secrets in the Orange County family law court justice system. Judge Glenn Salter and the Lexi Dillon case.

There is a saying in the OC, (Orange County),  anyone familiar with the county will know. There is a world behind the beige curtain.  The beige curtain refers to the surface picture where a perfect image is portrayed in contrast to actual events.

One particular judge, Judge Salter, has run amok.

Salter  like the OC beige curtain reference, was the senior research appellate attorney for the California Fourth District Court of Appeal, and on paper presents a qualified, credible image as the assumption is that anyone who was a researcher for the Fourth District Court of Appeal must know the law.

The reality is very different and his actions in the case of Ruby and Lexi Dillon call into question the competence of any opinion that he drafted for any sitting appellate judge.

The case has received extensive social media coverage and press coverage as Lexi was removed from her father’s home twice by Tustin police officers based on credible allegations of sexual abuse.

The sexual abuse was confirmed by a medical doctor. Ruby Dillon, Lexi’s mother, reported the abuse. Child protective services became involved and Ruby Dillon lost custody of her daughter as a result of a false social worker report that was reported to the court.

The Orange County District Attorney (DA),  Tony Rackauckas,  has refused to prosecute the father although the Tustin police has presented the charges to the DA’s office and there is credible physical evidence linking the father to the abuse. Instead DA Rackauckas has preferred to prosecute people based on their African American status, as was illustrated in the high profile case of  DeWayne McKinney. The DA was the prosecutor in the case that resulted in his life term imprisonment conviction for first degree murder, although there was no physical evidence linking McKinney to the case. When new evidence was presented in that case exonerating McKinney, the DA was more than skeptical. Mckinney was eventually released after spending over 15 years in jail, when evidence was presented that he DID not commit the crime that Rackauckas prosecuted him for.

After the sexual abuse allegations were raised Lexi Dillion  was placed with the father who has since left the country and abandoned his daughter for over ten months, leaving her in the care of care takers.

One would assume that in light of these events that Lexi would be returned to her mother as the only parent remaining in this country. Instead”Judge” Salter has practiced anarchy.

At first Ruby Dillon was placed on supervised visits with her daughter as a result of disclosing abuse,  then a no contact order was issued and most recently Judge Salter had Ruby arrested on a six year old traffic ticket infraction which was dismissed.

Now what a traffic ticket has to do with family law over which Judge Salter presides, no one knows as family law judges do not preside over traffic infractions.

Judge Salter, as reports demonstrate from anyone who witnesses the proceedings, makes it a point of intimidating anyone supporting Ruby Dillon, by taking down the information of any court watchers, and removing them from the court room.

Reports are originating, that witnesses who have the courage to testify in any proceedings are intimidated, badgered and harassed by Judge Salter and the case is conducted in extreme secrecy.

Public reports from the robing room, a site that allows litigants to rate judges, illustrates that Judge Salter does not have the temperament to be a judge and that he conducts hearings in a prejudicial and biased manner.

The public has already voted that they believe that Judge Salter brings the judicial office into disrepute and that he is incapable of acting with integrity and impartiality.  Perhaps it is time for the Orange County public to confront the reality of what lies behind the beige curtain of the Orange County family law justice system and remove Judge Salter from the bench. salter1 salter2 salter3 salter4 salter6



4 comments on “Secrets in the Orange County family law court justice system. Judge Glenn Salter and the Lexi Dillon case.

  1. This is happening all across our country. Kids who are being abused are being returned to the abuser and mothers are losing in court. CPS, Family Court and Foster Care are all corrupt. This judge needs to be thrown off the bench, and jailed. Ruby needs to be reunited with her daughter, and her ex husband needs to be taken into custody and prosecuted for his crimes against his daughter.

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