The elephant in the Court room: Speculation, conjecture and opinion of evaluations and mediator’s recommendations.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

elephantAny parent that deals with the court system is eventually exposed to a mediator’s report or an evaluation report.
Some truly astounding statements are made in these reports that a judicial officer relies on. They range from equating being Caucasian with a “Caucasian culture”; stigmatizing another culture for the close ties that “they” have with their children and the manner in which children are raised in said culture; discriminating against certain areas based on perceived crime rate and educational opportunities; recognizing that a father labels a mother mentally ill to have her deported but NOT seeing anything wrong with that conclusion; or stigmatizing an American mother for having the audacity to work and provide for her children. In some cases the other parent is put on notice due to the verbal abuse against a parent and children by the evaluator and the abusive emails to the parent were explained due…

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