Court of Appeal Stats 7/7/2014

A list of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/ File Format Description Date initiated Type of case Decision Appellant self represented or not Justice rendering opinion
07/07/14 H040480 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Arrellano CA6 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 12/03/13 cr wende appeal affirm no Mihara
07/07/14 H038557 [PDF] [DOC] Chavez v. Meneshke Law Firm CA6 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 07/09/12 civil affirm no Mihara
07/07/14 G049807 [PDF] [DOC] Estate of Katz CA4/3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 11/15/12 civil probate affirm no Thompson
07/07/14 G049073 [PDF] [DOC] Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Dist. v. N. Orange Cty. Regional Occupational Program CA4/3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 09/26/13 civil Reverse summary judgment no Thompson
07/07/14 E060371 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Walker CA4/2 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 01/06/14 cr wende appeal affirm no Ramirez
07/07/14 E055849 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Lupovitz CA4/2 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 03/02/12 cr reverse and remanded for new trial no McKinster
07/07/14 B246567 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Bennett CA2/3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 01/15/13 cr affirm no Klein
07/07/14 A138481 [PDF] [DOC] Judge v. Randall CA1/5 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 04/16/13 civil affirm yes Needham
07/07/14 A135999 [PDF] [DOC] Young v. Daimler AG CA1/4 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 07/17/12 cr affirm no Reardon
07/07/14 A135944 [PDF] [DOC] Marriage of Hanna CA1/1 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 07/12/12 civil family law reverse and remand to determine extent of community interest no Becton
07/07/14 G044131 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Trujillo CA4/3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 08/24/10 cr affirm no Fybel
07/07/14 F068610 [PDF] [DOC] In re Q.W. CA5 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 12/18/13 cr wende appeal affirm no Cornell
07/07/14 F067103 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Ali CA5 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 04/19/13 cr affirm no Cornell
07/07/14 B248998 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Olloqui CA2/5 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 05/20/13 cr affirm correct abstract judgment no Kriegler
07/07/14 B244144 [PDF] [DOC] Thomson v. Bacchus CA2/3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 09/18/12 civil Appeal dismissed as moot. Civil harassment restraining order expired during appeal. Court states it cannot provide effective relief although restraining order was renewed. yes Klein
07/07/14 A140745 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Meza-Villagomez CA1/4 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 01/13/14 cr wende appeal affirm no Humes
07/07/14 D064428 [PDF] [DOC] Civilian Conserv. Corps Camp Interest Group v. Valley Center Pauma Unified School Dist. CA4/1 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 08/14/13 civil affirm no McDonald
07/07/14 C073377 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Kebets CA3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 03/19/13 cr affirm no Nicholson
07/07/14 C070931 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. Wiley CA3 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 04/19/12 cr conviction reversed as to count 1 no Murray
07/07/14 B249680 [PDF] [DOC] P. v. George CA2/2 filed 7/7/14   Case Details 06/24/13 cr affirm no Ashmann-Gerst

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