Genetics or Environmental influence? Which one will prevail?


This site has provided some articles demonstrating the risk factors associated with leaving children in an abusive situation where substance abuse and abuse is fostered in one household.   Some people believe that psychological studies are meaningless. One family proves the impact of genetics and environmental influence beyond a reasonable doubt and that these psychological factors certainly have relevance and should be used as a risk factor in placing children.

This family has managed to produce three convicted felons all with substance abuse and abuse problems in their personal relationships. One child not raised in the same household, ( a long lost brother and step brother), is a registered sex offender.  Only one child in a family of four brothers raised in the same household, (five if the step brother is taken into consideration),  has not had any problems with the law or has substance abuse issues. Soda and food addiction is not considered a valid substance abuse issue.   This household, for years,  has fostered hatred towards any biological parent involved with the children and step children. The hatred is extreme and permeated every interaction that the children may have had with their biological parent.

In contrast another family produced children that in their formative years were exposed to substance abuse and abuse issues.  Yet strangely enough none of these children engage in substance abuse or criminal behavior.

The difference is that the children in the second family were removed from the toxic environment and placed in an environment that fostered education and social enrichment in the form of sports, school activities i.e. an environment that fostered positive growth.

Genetics are a mere predictor of future behavior.  It is the environment, i.e. household where children are taught to be abusive, that substance abuse is acceptable and where the hate towards the other parent is the norm, that teaches children what is acceptable and normal.


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