Personal Vendetta of the Fourth District Court of Appeal Division 2: We do what we want, what we really, really want.




In response to the Motion to reinstate an appeal  posted here the court of appeal sent the motion backing citing “lack of cause”.



The court of appeal is retaliating against a litigant as CALIFORNIA RULES OF COURT are very clear. According to  California rules of court 8.20  California Rules of Court prevail and a ” Court of Appeal must accept for filing a record, brief, or other document that complies with the California Rules of Court despite any local rule imposing other requirements.”

The court’s dismissal of the appeal is an involuntarily dismissal of the appeal as such California rules of court 8.264 (b) apply to the appeal  which specifies that the involuntary dismissal is only final after thirty days.
The court cannot invent rules and non existing procedures to uphold an unlawful denial of an appeal  based on the court’s mistakes and personal vindictive retaliation against a litigant, based on a non existent cause that it has invented and created.

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