CA court of appeal stats 7/14/2014-7/15/2013

A list of the unpublished decisions from all six districts has been included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format             
Description When filed Case Type Decision Appellant self represented Justice drafting opinion
07/15/14 G046603M
Yu v. Sequoia Ins. Co. CA4/3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 03/05/12 civil order modifying opinion no change in judgment no ARONSON,
07/15/14 B253662
Wilson v. Douglas CA2/6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 01/13/14 civil affirm no Gilbert
07/15/14 B245512
P. v. Sorto CA2/6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 12/05/12 cr affirm as modified no Gilbert
07/15/14 B241821
P. v. Phillips CA2/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 05/11/12 cr affirm as modified no Miller
07/15/14 B241453
Pacific Western Bank v. Crane CA2/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 05/25/12 civil reverse court did not permit defendant to amend answer no JOHNSON
07/15/14 H039836
P. v. Gonzales CA6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/25/13 cr Serrano case, states case raises no issued People v. Serrano (2012) 211 Cal.App.4th 496 appeal dismissed no Rushing
07/15/14 H038643
Hoffman v. 162 North Wolfe CA6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 08/06/12 civil affirm no Márquez
07/15/14 G048620
Parks Legal Defense Fund v. The City of Huntington Beach CA4/3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/24/13 civil affirm in part, reverse in part, remand no Moore
07/15/14 F068575
In re E.M. CA5 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 12/18/13 juvenile affirm no Cornell
07/15/14 F067121
Ortiz v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. CA5 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 04/08/13 civil affirm no Cornell
07/15/14 C072079
P. v. Kelley CA3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 08/23/12 cr Conviction in count 8 reversed, judgment reversed with directions no Hoch
07/15/14 B252638
P. v. Ramirez CA2/8 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 11/14/13 cr Wende appeal affirm no FLIER
07/15/14 B251124
P. v. Park CA2/2 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 08/22/13 cr affirm no Ashman_Gerst
07/15/14 B250731
In re Joshua K. CA2/3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 07/01/13 juvenile affirm no Aldrich
07/15/14 B249458
Almodovar v. Downey High School CA2/2 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/18/13 civil dismissal reversed no notice and opportunity to be heard no Ashman_Gerst
07/15/14 B248535
Orthopedic Specialists v. CalPERS CA2/2 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 05/03/13 civil affirm no Ashman_Gerst
07/15/14 B246675M
P. v. Crick CA2/2 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 01/30/13 cr order modifying opinion no change in judgment no Boren
07/15/14 B245931
P. v. Leiva CA2/2 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 12/13/12 cr affirm no Ashman_Gerst
07/15/14 A138367
Aiuto v. City and County of San Francisco CA1/4 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 04/11/13 civil affirm no RUVOLO,
07/15/14 H040131
P. v. Sargent CA6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 08/30/13 cr commitment appeal states facts raises no issues Conservatorship of Ben C. (2007) 40 Cal.4th 529, 543-544 (Ben C.);
People v. Taylor (2008) 160 Cal.App.4th 304.)
appeal dismissed no Rushing
07/15/14 F064384
P. v. Quiroz CA5 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 02/16/12 cr affirm no Levy
07/15/14 D066145
City of Brawley v. Superior Court CA4/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/17/14 civil writ of mandate denied in part granted in part no Huffman
07/15/14 D064054
P. v. Madruga CA4/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/11/13 cr affirm no Nares
07/15/14 D063815
P. v. Sandoval CA4/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 04/17/13 cr affirm no McConnell
07/15/14 D062774
P. v. Valencia CA4/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 09/28/12 cr affirm as modified no Nares
07/15/14 C075371
P. v. Hammett CA3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 12/05/13 cr Wende appeal affirm no Butz
07/15/14 C074114
P. v. Jones CA3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 06/20/13 cr affirm no Hoch
07/15/14 C066609
P. v. Rainwater CA3 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 11/05/10 cr affirm no Hull
07/15/14 B253163
In re Audrey H. CA2/5 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 12/05/13 juvenile affirm no Turner
07/15/14 B250850
In re Lacie H. CA2/6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 08/23/13 juvenile affirm no Gilbert
07/15/14 B247840
Lang v. Unemployment Ins. Appeals Bd. CA2/6 filed 7/15/14   Case Details 03/29/13 civil affirm yes Perren
07/15/14 A141537
C.L. v. Superior Court CA1/1 filed 7/15/14   Case Details Dondero juvenile writ proceeding denied no Dondero
07/14/14 G047978M
Copenbarger v. McNaughton CA4/3 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 01/23/13 civil order modifying opinion no change in judgment no RYLAARSDAM,
07/14/14 B254861
In re S.B. CA2/6 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 03/11/14 juvenile affirm no Gilbert
07/14/14 B251373
Torres-Medina v. San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare Assoc. CA2/6 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 09/13/13 civil affirm no YEGAN
07/14/14 B250442
Meza v. Bailey CA2/8 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 07/26/13 civil affirm civil harassment order no Bigelow
07/14/14 B249812
530 Hewitt Subsidiary v. P.G.C.A. Holdings CA2/8 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 07/02/13 civil affirm no Bigelow
07/14/14 A138717
Armendariz v. Metropolitan Transportation Commission CA1/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 05/17/13 civil affirm no Dondero
07/14/14 B251322
P. v. Abreu CA2/8 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 08/29/13 cr affirm no Grimes
07/14/14 B250481
Signature Healthcare Services v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London CA2/4 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 06/26/13 civil affirm no Edmon
07/14/14 A139533
Jones v. Turnage CA1/5 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 08/12/13 civil affirm no Bruiniers
07/14/14 A139498M
P. v. Waiton CA1/4 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 07/24/13 cr order modifying opinion no change in judgment no Reardon
07/14/14 A138532
P. v. Liang CA1/5 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 04/29/13 cr affirm no Needham
07/14/14 B251902
P. v. Rangel CA2/5 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 09/19/13 cr Wende appeal affirm no JOHNSON
07/14/14 B251277
P. v. Jackson CA2/5 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 09/04/13 cr affirm no Mosk
07/14/14 B241236
P. v. Lewis CA2/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 05/15/12 cr affirm no Rothshild
07/14/14 A137254
Estate of Lanferman CA1/4 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 11/30/12 civil probate affirm no Reardon
07/14/14 D066185
P. v. Virrey CA4/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 02/02/14 cr affirm, case remanded to correct abstract no Haller
07/14/14 D065465
P. v. Acevedo CA4/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 02/02/14 cr affirm no Haller
07/14/14 D065186
In re G.M. CA4/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 01/02/14 juvenile affirm no McDonald
07/14/14 D064785
P. v. Saminathen CA4/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 10/11/13 cr wende appeal raised possible issues affirm no Nares
07/14/14 C073819
P. v. Kimble CA3 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 05/15/13 cr affirm no Robie
07/14/14 B252757
P. v.Guerrero CA2/6 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 11/27/13 cr wende appeal affirm no Yegan
07/14/14 B252264
In re C.K. CA2/6 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 11/01/13 juvenile affirm no Gilbert
07/14/14 B251908
In re M.N. CA2/8 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 09/16/13 juvenile affirm no Rubin
07/14/14 B245656
P. v. Santos CA2/7 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 11/19/12 cr affirm no Segal
07/14/14 B243827
P. v. Greenshields CA2/5 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 09/06/12 cr affirm no Gilbert

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