Inhumanity of the Fourth District Court of Appeal and Riverside Superior Court.

shakespearThe term inhumanity comes from the latin word inhūmānus; and the dictionary defines it as :

lacking qualities of sympathy, pity, warmth, compassion, or the like; cruel; brutal: an inhuman master”.

As parents we are supposed to accept the insanity that currently prevails and has the audacity to call itself law.  It is fairly common in the Riverside Superior Court to have a judge issue absolutely outrageous, capricious orders that have no semblance to any law.  It is fairly common to have our children ripped from us so that our relationship with them is harmed to the nth degree as one judge decided to wake up one morning, abuse his position and punish a litigant, with children.  The scenario resembles the burning of witches at the stake, as the crime that we are punished for is that we are parents who refuse to accept the absolute insanity that calls itself law in this court.  It is fairly common for this court to hide what they have done and sweep it under a rug, as heaven forbid it comes to light with what people children have been placed with; generally consisting of substance abusers, abusers and parents who disappear constantly with children. As a parent YOU are attacked, denigrated, dehumanized if you make it clear that you have no wish to interact with the other parent who refuses to stop with abusive actions and who uses any contact with children to perpetuate abuse.

Children in this scenario of course don’t even factor as the ticking of time does not matter to the monsters capable of issuing rulings that are based on anarchy. Enter the Fourth District Court of Appeal, who has one mission and that is to protect their trial court brothers and sisters.  This Court of course plays its own games. They deliberately and maliciously drag out family law custody appeals for years and years and years and years, while criminal appeals that deal with $ 500 in awarded attorney fees are reversed in less than a year as there was no notice to the criminal defendant.
The priority of the court is of course dealing with $ 500 as the $ 500 in attorney fees represents an IMMENSE burden to the defendant where due process is hailed as key to that case. The court in family law cases refuses to abide by title eight rules, actively sabotages a litigant’s appeal, does not address what actually occurred in a procedural manner and invents capricious opinions that rival the greatest fiction authors of our time.

This is the INHUMANITY that calls itself law.


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