There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children


Many of us are caught up in a nightmare battle involving our children. Many of us are dealing with psychopathic exes who are not capable of putting children first preferring to use them as battle tools and as never ending tools of abuse. “Parents” who engage in this type of dynamic, brainwash and stockholm the children involved to an incredible degree; to justify to themselves the absolute insanity and heinous actions they have caused. Children in the United States are equated as property as a Court certainly does not view them as sentient beings.

There are judges that actually use them as tools to “punish” a parent in the laughable lunatic asylum that has the audacity to call itself family law; there are exes that use them as tools of abuse; there is a court of appeal that degrades children to less standing and value than $ 500 in attorney fees that a criminal defendant objects to.

This is the way THIS society treats children and is a true reflection of the maliciousness and inhumanity that has been allowed to become the norm.



One comment on “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children

  1. An allegedly “civilized” first-world nation that not only condones but FINANCES black-robed family court henchmen/women to willfully and maliciously destroy the parent-child bond and torture parents and children has sold its soul to the devil,yet has the audacity to commit the ultimate blasphemy by loudly proclaiming GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    A human rights advocate conveyed this message to Governor Jerry Brown, aptly describing the carnage and anarchy prevailing in the RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT:

    “The reports on events in the Court proceedings and actions in numerous cases indicate that the Court is the “Little Shop of Horrors” of judges. They grow like mad, one being worse than the other, choking the life out of the innocent and abused.

    Could there be a fetid pool somewhere that the system fishes them out of as needed to fulfill the role of utter madness on the bench? Because the evidence suggests systemic corruption, not the occasional miscreant slithering its way into the mix. That these criminals are so many and so entrenched suggests systemic turpitude.

    Perhaps, as with Caligula and his court, there is some popular thing ingested that is poisoning brains? Or, like mad hatters, these are mad “robers,” toxified by some chemical residue in the garment.

    Is it a macabre competition, one wonders, to see who can be the most vicious, the most abominable, the most disdainful of the law? What could be the prize for winning this contest, other than the demented satisfactions peculiar to the psychopathic personality.”

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