CASA announces homeless crisis with foster children in the State of California.

A disturbing statistic has emerged from CASA, (Court Appointed Foster Children), which illustrates the rampant failure of the State judicial system. There are more homeless foster children on the street than homeless veterans.  Deborah Sutton-Weiss, the CEO of the Riverside branch,  calls the current status quo a crisis with not enough professionals to keep track of the 4000 foster children in Riverside County.

There is no accountability in the system, and children end up homeless, prostituting or in jail. For anyone familiar with the juvenile court system the situation is not a surprise.  Cases are opened by CPS, children are separated from their parents and not placed with other family members and parental rights are terminated at a drop of a hat in order not to jeopardize the “adoption” placement process.

At issue if of course is that there is NO accountability statewide for juvenile or family law cases.  One case against the Chief Justice of this State  in the Ninth Circuit of Appeal, that dealt with the crisis of an overburdened juvenile care system was dismissed in 2011.

Parents and children have no recourse available to them, as there is a state wide failure of accountability at all levels.





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