Chief Justice appoints fact finding commission to investigate the state’s court operations and accessibility.

The fact finding mission is to be lead by Supreme Court Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan.  Justices, judges, and court executives from a cross-section of courts will serve on the commission’s executive committee. Members of the executive committee include: Justice James Humes and Justice Peter Siggins of the First Appellate District, Justice Steven Perren of the Second Appellate District, Justice Louis Mauro of the Third Appellate District, Justice Judith Haller, Justice Douglas P. Miller, and Justice Kathleen O’Leary of the Fourth Appellate District, Justice Charles Poochigian of the Fifth Appellate District, Justice Patricia Manoukian of the Sixth Appellate District, Judge Stacy Boulware-Eurie and Judge Emily Vasquez from the Sacramento Superior Court, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carolyn Kuhl, Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Marsha Slough, Monterey Superior Court Judge Carrie Panetta, retired Placer Superior Court Judge Richard Couzens, Santa Clara Superior Court Executive Officer David Yamasaki, Placer Superior Court Executive Jake Chatters, and Fifth Appellate District Clerk/Administrator Charlene Ynson. Former State Bar President Patrick Kelly has been named as a special liaison to the executive committee. Lead administrative support will be provided by Jody Patel, Chief of Staff for the Judicial Council.

The purpose of the fact finding mission is to study and make recommendations to improve the state’s court operations and accessibility.

Unfortunately, the CA Supreme Court itself is not accessible to family law litigants or pro per litigants. Indeed there appears to be an unequal access to the highest court in this State with cases being granted for review when there is already a Supreme Court case pending on the same issue.

There is no accountability in this State. Litigants, especially family law litigants have no avenue of redress as they are dealing with an incompetent and malicious family law court judiciary that refuses to apply any standard of law. Due process in any form is unheard of in most of these cases, especially where the lives of our children are being destroyed.

The appeal process routinely fails as the Supreme Court has mandated that family law cases do not deserve the same independent review process that is accorded to criminal and juvenile delinquent cases, and instead family law litigants have to present their appeal in a certain way. If pro per litigants fail their appeals are affirmed which occurs in ninety percent of cases. Then our Supreme Court refuses to be accessible to litigants where heinous orders have been made that torture both parents and their children alike.

The failure by this State to parents and their children can be compared to another Holocaust. Only the select privileged few (Judges) are deemed to be worthy of being parents whereas tax paying parents are annihilated by a system that specializes in destroying them and their children.  It is not acceptable that access to a just court is denied to parents until their children age out of a system.


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